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Cisco Duo for healthcare offices.

Healthcare practices must have a high standard for their cybersecurity, and Cisco Duo acts as a critical layer of protection for healthcare data. Duo is a multifactor authentication (MFA) security solution that helps protect accounts when credentials are compromised. Even if a malicious actor can steal a valid username and password, they will need to authenticate using the Duo app when they attempt to log in. If they cannot, then access to the account will be denied, and this often prevents the attack, which gives your IT team the time they need to change the compromised credentials. In this article, we want to cover three additional features Duo offers alongside its MFA service that raise healthcare data protection standards!

MFA with DUO

When an employee logs in to their company account, secured programs, or protected systems, Duo automatically verifies the user’s identity using a device the true account owner should have access to. Authentication can be done using push notifications, biometrics, or security keys that can be accessed on or offline, so healthcare providers have quick access to their accounts. For the purposes of authentication, users can also be grouped together to better ensure each employee can only access the systems and data they need to provide patients care. This feature helps protect accounts and provides an early warning sign to suspicious activity when users try to log into network areas they are not assigned to.

Device Health Checkups

Even if an account is not compromised, Duo can add value to a healthcare office’s network protection by verifying device health before access to the network is granted. By checking a device’s health before it gets onto the network, it is less likely that compromised devices or technology vulnerable to exploits authenticate into the network and bring malware or malicious code with them. Duo can check for unpatched operating systems, disabled security features, and various forms of device tampering, which means you can be confident the office’s network is accessed by healthy devices. Users denied access in this way will be given information on how to improve their device’s health to the standards healthcare offices set.

Customized Security Options

In order to maintain HIPPA and other compliances, healthcare offices require layered security that can evolve with their business to meet ever-changing security needs. For healthcare offices with segmented networks or unique applications that require a high level of security, Duo can require only the strongest forms of authentication, so your practice can better avoid attacks trying to circumvent MFA. Your IT partner can block access to accounts based on the location or application used to log in, meaning your network can increase its security requirements when necessary to keep accounts and data safe. As your healthcare practice improves patient care with technology, Duo can accommodate your network security needs.  


A single compromised account can have disastrous consequences for a healthcare practice, and that’s why our team here at Robinett Consulting recommends Cisco’s Duo for your MFA needs. Every Cisco security product is backed by the threat intelligence researched by the Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, and a reliable security solution like Duo can scale with your business to meet security needs. If your healthcare office is ready to implement a new standard for cybersecurity, then our technology specialists are ready to talk to you personally about how Duo and other Cisco security solutions can best protect your network and patients!

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