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IT Consultant and SMB owner working on preventing data loss.

While it is common for data loss to be talked about in terms of data breaches, malware, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, human error accounts for a significant amount of data loss that will occur at a small business. If the proper storage procedures aren’t taken or data backups aren’t maintained, then a few simple mistakes can result in the loss of significant portions of data for a company. From small workflow errors to falling for social engineering tactics, errors made by an employee represent a preventable incident if the right tools and training are put in place. Here we want to highlight some of the most common errors the result in data loss and how your small business can avoid them!

Improper File Handling

Even with veteran employees, files can get accidentally deleted or moved to places on the network they should not be. This can cause major disruptions if the files aren’t found quickly, and it will result in data loss if an employee permanently deletes important files. Sometimes, computers will crash or have technical issues, resulting in the loss of work if a user hasn’t saved often enough. These issues can be mitigated with a strong data backup service and cloud-based tools. When saved in the cloud, documents can have working versions saved in case of errors, and with the right backup tools, lost files can be found and restored quickly.

Attacks with Social Engineering

Social engineering elements of an attack attempt to take advantage of human error by tricking users or instilling a sense of urgency that makes an employee click a malicious link before they think. These tactics can include impersonating coworkers or management, naming malicious attachments after invoices or other important documents, and much more. The attacks that use social engineering elements can lead to ransomware attacks, data breaches, or the loss of critical data from a company’s network. Employees must be trained regularly on how to identify and report malicious activity, and SMBs should consider working with an IT consultant to identify the social engineering strategies used most often in their industry.

IT Mismanagement

Unfortunately, sometimes data loss can occur due to errors in the IT department or technology resources being mishandled by employees. If an IT department hasn’t taken the time to upskill their experts, then problems with data migrations, installing new technology, or work that’s new to the IT staff can lead to data loss in the network. Even the most competent IT staff can make mistakes when working with sensitive data, and that’s why it is important for small businesses to work with a local IT consultant when complex tasks must be done or members of the IT team need to enhance their skills.


Preventing data loss at a small business can be tricky, but with the right help, common mistakes can be mitigated to keep your network information more secure. A reliable IT consultant can provide backup and cloud solutions that take into account your business’ unique IT environment. Additionally, a strong partner in IT can help your business create targeted training for employees that need to look out for potential attacks and the IT department that supports them. If you think your business needs help preventing data loss, then the Robinett Consulting team is ready to provide a complimentary consultation today!

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