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IT consultant reviewing endpoint protection services with a local small business.

Endpoint protection is a critical layer of cybersecurity for a small business’ network, and with the right security features, your endpoint protection can make your business an unappealing target for hackers. Due to its effectiveness as a security tool, endpoint protection has a variety of options available, such as download protection, network control, and event reports, that help improve small business cybersecurity. Here we want to talk about a few of the central features that your endpoint protection should provide and how they work to ensure the best security coverage possible for your network!

Download Protection

One of the strongest features endpoint protection offers is to scan downloaded material for potential threats. Whenever an employee uses the web, the web traffic on their computer will be monitored for suspicious or outright malicious content that could harm the device or infect the network with ransomware or some other form malware. A strong endpoint protection service will stop these downloads from completing and immediately notify the user that the download is dangerous. This security feature is critical because not all malicious downloads come from suspicious sites, and this can help mitigate threats coming from trusted sites that have been compromised by attackers.

Network Access Control

Network access control allows your IT department or reliable IT consultant to manage which devices have the ability to upload data, download files, access hardware, and perform other features directly related to information on your network and devices. Additionally, specific websites and applications can be blocked from your network traffic. This can reduce the chance that someone will gain access to the network with an unapproved device. Malicious actors will also be limited in the information they can steal or manipulate if they manage to compromise a company account or device, which mitigates the damage they can do during a successful cyberattack on your business.  

Malicious Event Reports

The best endpoint protection service will not only defend your network and prevent attacks, but it will also provide detailed reports on any malicious events that do occur. When an attacker attempts to access the network without authorization or an employee downloads suspicious content, your endpoint protection should have the tools necessary to provide a detailed overview of the parties, systems, and suspicious activity involved. Some services will also provide recommended steps for resolving the incident. This will help your IT staff or IT consultant determine exactly how the attack was attempted and provide solutions which can directly address the issue and reduce the chance of it recurring.


Hackers will use every attack strategy they can to steal information from businesses, but the right endpoint protection service can provide the defense your company needs to not become a victim. If your business needs the reliable protection that endpoint security can provide, then our team of cybersecurity specialists can help determine the best endpoint protection service for your unique network infrastructure. We’ve only scratched the surface on how endpoint security can protect your small business, and here at Robinett Consulting we believe endpoint protection is a key factor in a layered approach to trustworthy cybersecurity!    

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