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Medium-sized businesses face a unique series of challenges as they scale their number of employees, devices, and services as the business grows. New employees and devices must be adequately protected from cybersecurity threats and the IT environment demands new security solutions to accommodate an increasing amount of network traffic. This is a critical moment in a business’ development where a managed service provider (MSP) can offer valuably services that make scaling the business easier because the business has a partner in IT that can help onboard new employees quickly and securely and procure the right technology at favorable costs. In this article, we want to cover three services an IT consultant can provide your business to help growth!

MSP for Growth

An MSP focused on medium-sized businesses is prepared to help your company expand at a comfortable pace. Whether you’re handling rapid expansion or slow, steady growth, a reliable managed service provider can offer around the clock service to monitor your network and support the security tools put in place to keep your employees safe. Your MSP also allows you to have easy access to IT experts that aid in finding new security solutions, troubleshoot problems that arise when implementing new tools, ensure you always meet industry compliances, and more. The best MSP for your business is one that understands your situation and crafts custom tailored solutions to keep your network secure.

Skill Augmentation

Medium-sized businesses often have their own IT staff supporting the company, and a strong managed service provider can help augment that team to perform better and improve their skills. As the business’ security needs shift over time, your staff may need to acquire new skills or knowledge, and an experienced MSP can provide the required learning. The best MSPs in the industry have decades of experience, and they can pass their knowledge onto your staff whenever a novel circumstance appears. When working with an MSP, your staff can feel supported and have access to informed advice on how to better monitor and expand the network or face rising challenges.

Cost Savings

No matter if you’re enrolling dozens of new employees into a multifactor authentication (MFA) program or looking to have regular dark web monitoring, an expert MSP can help keep costs low. Because of their relationship with providers, an MSP can have access to discounts for security services companies need, and they can pass these discounts onto you! Additionally, if your business needs assistance on one-time projects or unique challenges, then working with an MSP can be a more affordable solution than hiring new team members or giving more work to your current staff. Overall, an MSP can provide needed expertise and infrastructure that can help you plan expenses better and potentially save big on needed projects.


Medium-sized businesses face new challenges as they scale the business and onboard new employees, but they don’t have to face these challenges alone. An IT consultant can provide multiple services that ease growth, improve the skills of current staff, and keep costs low for needed projects. By working with a managed service provider, your business can develop a relationship that better ensures you can be prepared for the future, and our team wants to be that partner! Robinett Consulting has years of experience helping businesses of all sizes stay secure while operating and growing, and we want to provide your business with a complimentary consultation to show you we can be your partner in IT!

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