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Employees working safely with Cisco Umbrella and Cisco SecureX

Since so many businesses have shifted to remote work, tools like Cisco Umbrella which make up a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach to cybersecurity have become essential. Modern businesses need to accommodate a large number of employees accessing sensitive network data at various hours of the day and from place to place as they move from the workplace, home, and wherever else they get the job done. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based DNS-layer security tool that can be brought together with your firewall and other services to improve security and accommodate a workforce on the move.

DNS Security Backed by Cisco Talos

One reason Cisco Umbrella can defend against a wide variety of threats is because it is backed by Cisco Talos intelligence. Over 400 researchers and specialists make up Cisco Talos, and their insights allow Umbrella to find and block malicious domains, IPs, URLs, and files that are being used in the most recent attacks performed by malicious actors. In addition to this, machine learning models process a significant amount of internet activity to find and highlight the most cutting-edge cybersecurity threats as they get used by malicious actors. All of this information allows Cisco Umbrella to defend against threats in their earliest stages, keeping your network safe from attacks.  

Cisco Umbrella Improves Cybersecurity

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At its heart, Cisco Umbrella is a DNS-layer security tool that verifies internet requests made by your business. It will block requests sent to malware, ransomware, phishing networks, and botnets, which prevents a connection to the threat from ever being established. This makes your endpoints more secure by helping to prevent an attack from gaining a foothold in your network. Since malware blocked by Umbrella never makes it into your network, your IT team shouldn’t have to focus on controlling damage and rooting out any lingering elements of the attack; instead, they can prioritize figuring out what went wrong and how to prevent future attack attempts.

Reducing Incident Response Times

To aid your IT team in identifying the source of an attack, Cisco Umbrella can help log and inspect the internet traffic moving through your business. All the collected information is categorized and analyzed to provide useful insights on the data itself and relevant context to keep your security team informed and knowledgeable on the situation. On top of this, Cisco SecureX is included with all Umbrella subscriptions, and this service will further help unify Umbrella with other security tools across your network to automate tasks and improve overall response times.


With remote work comes the uncertainty of multiple employees connecting to your network from unknown and untrustworthy places. To meet this challenge, businesses need robust and reliable tools to maintain security and provide the flexibility workers need to do their job away from the office. Cisco Umbrella brings an unparalleled level of DNS-layer security that helps to detect and prevent attacks that try to make a connection with your network. It also includes Cisco SecureX, which means your business gets even more connectivity between security tools for improved response times and better over all security.

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