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Every small business needs access to tools and services that help them be agile and productive during their day-to-day business operations. At a certain point, the cloud becomes the next logical step in a small business’ growth because these services have become so much more robust, secure, and scalable that only using on-premises technology can begin to hold your company back from growth. If you’re looking to move your business forward with the advantages of modern technology, then here are three reasons to begin using cloud services for your small business.

Better Business Scaling

One of the most appealing perks for cloud-based services is that you can scale the number of licenses you have with a service fairly easily. This means that as your business grows, you can add seats in your services for the employees that really need them. If only a few members of your company need the Adobe suite, for example, then you can get user licenses as you need them, so those employees quickly access the graphical assets and templates made by the company on their first day. Alternatively, if everyone in your company needs access to a collaboration tool, then you can purchase the seats you need as you need them and remove them if an employee leaves the company.

Cloud Collaboration and Security Tools

The greatest benefit to cloud technology is that it puts robust collaboration tools in the hands of your employees quickly. Most people are familiar with some of the biggest suites of tools available like Office 365, Google Drive, and Cisco WebEx, but the power of these tools cannot be understated. Office 365, for example, allows for massive file storage on OneDrive, which lets your employees securely access documents from one another even if they are all working remotely.

Many cybersecurity tools have also taken to the cloud, and this means next-generation firewalls and endpoint protection services can capitalize on the same benefits that collaboration tools do. Having your company’s endpoint protection in the cloud can improve the security of remote work and give your small business access to enterprise-level security features.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Moving your small business into the cloud to improve scalability, speed of collaboration, and security has the added overall benefit of saving your business productive time and money. By getting licenses for the services you need as you need them, there’s little chance of wasting resources on seats that won’t be filled. With improved collaboration capabilities, your employees can spend their time productively with the documents and files moving between team members faster. More importantly, the costs associated with these new tools will be predictable and consistent, meaning you can budget better now and in the future.


Here at Robinett Consulting, we use and believe in the power of cloud-based technology, and we offer security tools that utilize it every day. If your business needs the technology or information necessary to properly utilize the cloud, then we want to talk to you. Every small business deserves security services that could be scaled up to even enterprise levels, and we want to be the right partner in IT for you.

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