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A group of mobile workers practicing great VPN security habits while working.

With how widespread hybrid and remote work have become for small and large businesses alike, it has become more important than ever to have strong VPN security that allows anyone in the company to access the network data they need to do their job. VPN security is crucial when accessing the internet from anywhere the company does not have complete network control because you never know if someone is looking for unsecure data to steal. More importantly, good VPN security allows employees to get their work done from anywhere they can, providing flexibility without sacrificing security.

Secure Access and Network Visibility

A strong VPN will both allow users to easily connect to the company network from a coffee shop while keeping your information secure with little friction. Your employees should simply need to make sure it’s on before beginning their work worry free. Your IT team, on the other hand, should have the ability to control the resources and parts of the network accessible with a VPN. A business grade VPN should allow you to see who has accessed what information using the VPN in order to better spot irregular behavior and gather information to better design your network for your mobile workers.

VPN Security on the Web

Strong VPN security will also extend to a user’s web browsing. Many business level VPNs provide cloud-based security in conjunction with the usual data encryption for remote browsing. This allows for a comprehensive layer of security as employees access both the company network and the internet from a remote location. The best VPN services will also provide security at the DNS level to filter out unwanted and potentially harmful content, which can even help if the VPN is not turned on. These features are strong for any company device, but they are absolutely essential for a company with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.  

Mobile Device Support

When thinking about VPN security, a company should focus on laptops and other mobile devices used by employees. It is not uncommon for someone working remote to access the company network from their smartphone, and this means that device should be secured behind a VPN as well. Many VPNs include the options of providing secure access based on a user’s device or limiting network access to specific applications. These options can lower the risk of your network being attacked through that device while also potentially lowering the cost of bandwidth for remote users. The most important thing to remember is that any device with remote access to your network should have a VPN.


No company that allows its employees to work remote should operate without a strong VPN, and that VPN should have the latest security features that small and enterprise businesses need. Remote workers must have seamless access to a company network so they can do their jobs, but your IT department needs to be able to monitor that activity. Safe remote browsing requires strong web security and a peace of mind that extends to all mobile devices. If you think your VPN is in need of an upgrade or you want help picking out the best VPN for your business environment, then our team would love to hear from you, so we can help your business work remotely and safely.

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