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Quite a lot of us remember making our first email address at a young age, and sometimes saying them out loud now would be the cause for a bit of embarrassment. We wouldn’t want to use those email addresses for business email now, but they served a purpose when we made them. In a similar vein, you may have made your first business email through Google, Outlook, or some other service that people use for personal email, but it may be time to make your business email look sleeker and more professional. Here are three great reasons why you may want to use a custom domain for your business email.

Professional Looking Business Email Addresses

What it means to use your own domain for a business email address is that instead of reading, your email address may look like We always see large, established businesses set up their email addresses this way, and that’s because a personal domain in a business email address gives potential clients the impression that your business is professional, able to stand on its own, and well organized. By using your own domain, you can tap into the same air of professionalism that they do.

Building Brand Awareness and Identity

Here at Robinett Consulting, we know that first impressions mean a lot for a business. Sometimes the smallest detail can have a huge impact on a client, and when building your brand, you want every detail about your business to exude confidence and reliability. A professional business email address can give your business its own identity and help clients remember you when they see a follow up email. Rather than immediately associating your business with Google or Microsoft, your email address will stand on its own and represent you.

An Email Address Designed with Growth in Mind

When using a regular email service to make your business email addresses, you can’t always guarantee a specific address name will be available when you hire a new employee, and you can’t necessarily stop outside entities from using a similar email format to your business. However, when using your own domain for email addresses, you can create exactly the email address you need when you have a new hire or need a shared inbox for a team. This sets your business up for consistent email addresses that will help clients contact you and employees recognize others within the business as it grows.


A business email set up with your own domain name helps your business look and feel more professional in order to make a good impression on clients and set you apart from other businesses. Crucially, a standardized email address for your business allows employees to recognize each other’s email address for security in your day-to-day operations and scalability as you grow. If you’re thinking your business needs its own domain for email addresses, then our team here at Robinett Consulting wants to help set you up for success, and we’re eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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