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A small business operating with Wi-Fi 6 technology.

A stable, secure Wi-Fi connection is an essential component of any small business. To keep your business running, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and various other devices need a trustworthy connection to the internet to process payments, manage inventory, and keep you serving customers. This, of course, means your business needs a high-performance Wi-Fi experience at a reasonable cost, and the latest standard, called Wi-Fi 6, will help your business remain secure and allow easy scaling as your business grows.

Upgrading your business’ internet technology is no simple task. Many small businesses must balance the costs of deployment and maintenance for new technologies while also taking into consideration the need for information security. An investment in your IT infrastructure must take into account a variety of factors including:

  • Available IT staff.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Strong connections to conferencing services.
  • Wi-Fi availability to customers.

To meet a modern small business’ internet needs, Robinett Consulting recommends implementing Cisco Meraki technology. Cisco Meraki technology has been implemented in the IT environments of over 500,000 businesses, and it provides trusted, cutting-edge Wi-Fi solutions. Your small business will be provided with the reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution you need.

Reduced Wi-Fi Costs

Cisco Meraki tech offers a high-quality Wi-Fi experience without the necessity of scaling up your business’ IT infrastructure. Partnering with Robinett Consulting to improve your Wi-Fi experience and gain the support of our IT professionals means you will have personalized, predictable costs that fit into your budget.

Stress-Free Online Security

Your employees and guests will be better protected from malware and ransomware threats with the layer of automated threat protection given by Cisco Meraki technology. That security will then be managed by our dedicated IT security specialists, letting you focus on your day-to-day operations with peace of mind. You will also have control over your network with content filtering options that keep your bandwidth working for you.

Reliable Networks

For the day-to-day running of your business, reliability is the most important factor for you network. With Wi-Fi 6 provided by Cisco Meraki technology, you’ll have high performance internet that allows for easy roaming with secure access points. In the unfortunate event that your internet does fail, Robinett Consulting will be there with quick support to get your business up and running again.

Once set up, upgrading your Wi-Fi technology will also be simple and easy. New updates will be implemented automatically, ensuring your IT environment is always up to date and providing you with secure internet access.


If your business needs an upgrade to its Wi-Fi network, and you want the security and reliability of Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure, then Cisco Meraki technology may be the solution your business needs to grow. And to facilitate that growth, Robinett Consulting can be your IT specialist to ensure that the deployment and maintenance of your services is seamless and secure. We want to partner with you and your IT environment to bring you safe, reliable internet at costs that best suit your business.

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