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Working with an IT consultant can have enormous benefits for a small business because a strong IT consultant will use their experience and expertise to solve critical, complex problems that the business may not be equipped to handle. They will also improve a company’s cybersecurity posture and make its IT infrastructure more resilient to attacks. But how can a small business choose the right IT consultant? Here are a few key qualities to look for in your next potential partner in IT!

Experienced IT Consultant

The first good quality to look for in an IT consultant is experience. With many consultations under their belt, an experienced IT consultant will have seen IT environments like yours and solved problems you now face. They will also have had a long time to see and better understand the threat landscape for your industry, so they will know how malicious actors are currently trying to attack businesses like yours. Additionally, their longstanding relationships in the field will allow them to gather needed information no matter what kind of issue you need an IT consultant for. Overall, an experienced IT consultant brings a lot of added value to the partnership, and your business wants to capitalize on this.

Flexibility with Pricing

Cost Savings

Any small business looking for IT consulting will naturally worry about costs. Well equipped, experienced IT consultants may have high initial costs for a business, but the long-term benefits make the investment worth it. Your IT consultant should be responsive to these worries, and they should focus on getting you the assistance that you need for a price that works with your budget. Not every business needs the most expensive cybersecurity tools and getting exactly what you need will impact the overall costs of your project. A strong partner in IT will have flexible plans that help the two of you decide on a combination of security and cost that allows your small business to get the value it deserves.

Personalized IT Consultation

The most important quality to look for in an IT consultant is a dedication to personalize the consultation to your business’ unique situation. While some cybersecurity tools are essential for a layered, secure IT environment, how those tools are implemented, maintained, and built upon can vary drastically based on the plan you create with your IT consultant. They should work to understand where your business is and the direction you plan to go, so your solutions can scale well into the future and save you time and costs without compromising security. A strong partner in IT will focus both on what you need now and how proposed solutions can be flexible enough to accommodate your business’ future as well.


Here at Robinett Consulting, we feel strongly about what makes a good IT consultant because we value our partners and believe they deserve the best. Your IT consultant should have the experience needed to know what your business needs, provide needed solutions at a price that works for you, and always pay attention to your unique needs and concerns. If your small business needs IT consulting, then keep these three best qualities in mind, and you will get IT as it should be!  

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At Robinett Consulting, we are your consultative partner who strives to grow your business and have technology truly enabling you. We aim to understand you and your business so that you do what you do best unhindered by your IT.

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