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Cisco next-generation firewall visual representation with healthcare icons in web of hexagons.

Firewalls play a critical role in the cybersecurity posture of healthcare practices, and a Cisco-backed next-generation firewall (NGFW) can provide the high-quality cybersecurity healthcare offices need to protect their data and meet compliances. Whether a practitioner works from the office or accesses the network remotely, a next-generation firewall can keep your data safe by monitoring for threats at each endpoint and gathering important information to present to your IT team to remediate threats. Cisco-backed firewalls can help your healthcare IT infrastructure evolve to a higher level of security, and we want to talk about the NGFW features that help keep your network safe!

Next-Generation Protection

For your healthcare office’s cybersecurity needs, next-generation firewalls are easy to deploy and can quickly begin securing your network perimeter. Cisco firewalls are equipped with intrusion prevention features, so malicious code and suspicious programs will be flagged and not allowed to enter your network from any end point. By using threat intelligence gathered by the industry leading Talos group, NGFWs can analyze potential threats in real time to identify even the newest strategies hackers are using to attack businesses. When an attack is prevented, your IT team will receive detailed alerts that contextualize cybersecurity events and help your IT staff to determine the next steps for remediation.

Talos-Backed Security Intelligence

All Cisco security products are backed by leading research done by the Cisco Talos Intelligence Group. Talos is one of the largest threat intelligence research groups in the world, and the group focuses on gathering intelligence on the latest strategies and tricks used by threat groups to attack businesses. Talos research is rapidly implemented into Cisco services, meaning your next-generation firewall will always be up to date with the cutting-edge information in cybersecurity defense. For healthcare practices, this means your patient data will be better protected from threats as soon as they are found, and your IT team will have research-based alerts that allow them to make informed decisions to protect your cybersecurity.

Customizable Integrations

While a next-generation firewall provides an industry standard for cybersecurity, Cisco-backed NGFWs can be integrated with other Cisco products to further improve your healthcare office’s cybersecurity posture. When you integrate your firewall with other security products, attack related information can be correlated across security services and automatic threat prevention features can use more information to immediately prevent attacks from happening before alerting your IT team for further action. By working with a managed service provider, you can customize your security solution integrations to match your unique IT environment, helping you fill security gaps that could cause data leaks or a failure to meet HIPPA compliance.


Healthcare offices can’t compromise on cybersecurity, and that’s why our team here at Robinett Consulting recommend Cisco backed next-generation firewalls to improve your office’s cybersecurity posture. Your firewall should help monitor your network’s edge, stop threats as they appear, and provide helpful information to IT staff, and Cisco products can do just that. Let Robinett Consulting be your managed service provider, and our IT specialists will help your healthcare office determine the best NGFW solution for you and any additional security integrations that can help fill your cybersecurity gaps. We believe healthcare practices of every size should have enterprise level security at small business prices, so we are ready to provide your private practice with IT as it should be!

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