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Small business owner on their network with a Cisco backed next-generation firewall.

Choosing to implement a next-generation firewall into your business’ cybersecurity infrastructure can be a daunting task. Our security specialists here at Robinett Consulting recommend using a Cisco backed firewall because of its ease of implementation and the flexibility your business will have access to if you choose to use other Cisco products alongside it. With the right next-generation firewall, your small business can have access to the same level of protection afforded to enterprise businesses. Here are three key reasons you should consider a Cisco firewall for your small business!

Premium Security Intelligence

Any firewall you use has to get updated with the latest tricks malicious actors are using to attack business networks. A next-generation firewall from Cisco allows your business to take advantage of Cisco Talos, the largest threat intelligence team in the world. This team works around the clock to identify and monitor new threats as they appear, so the cybersecurity products that you implement can keep your network safe from even the most new and unique attack strategies. With every update, your firewall will have cutting-edge intelligence that can help catch malicious activity before it has a chance to do damage to your network.

Cloud Focused Security

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A Cisco backed next-generation firewall comes with cloud management that you and your vendor have access to. A cloud-based management system means you won’t have to update a firewall manager and assigning security policies across all protected devices becomes simple and easy to do. With a single control panel in the cloud, your business will have the ability to compare device security across your network and onboard new devices quickly. Either you or your vendor can enforce new security policies for existing devices and any new ones that connect to your network as your business grows and requires protection for more end points!

Your Vendor of Choice

The best part about a Cisco next-generation firewall is that you can work to implement it with a vendor that you know and trust. So long as your managed service provider (MSP) offers Cisco products, your small business can install and manage any security product that you purchase. This means your business can rely on an MSP that knows your IT infrastructure well and can ensure the security policies you implement make sense for your business. While you use your new next-generation firewall, your trusted vendor can work with you every step of the way to ensure your business stays secure and ready for the latest cybersecurity threats.


If your small business wants to utilize a next-generation firewall, then you should consider talking with your MSP about a Cisco backed firewall for the level of security you deserve. Our team recommends Cisco products because we know they provide the high-quality cybersecurity that small businesses deserve, and we want to work with your business to bring you enterprise level security at small business prices!

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