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What is SecureX? A simple explanation of SecureX

As small businesses grow to take on more clients, tackle challenges, and develop into medium and enterprise level companies, security tools like Cisco SecureX are needed to keep network information safe. However, the work force’s current trend towards remote work means businesses create an IT environment using multiple security tools that have their own portals and consoles. Eventually, the friction caused by using segmented security tools can slowdown response times to threats and put the company at risk of serious damage.

This is the kind of network Cisco SecureX can help the most because it brings together all the segmented parts of an IT environment into one cohesive place while adding security features that save time and improve cross-team communication when a potential threat arises.

What is Cisco SecureX?

Cisco SecureX is a cloud-based platform that all Cisco Secure customers have access to. It connects to a business’ IT infrastructure and brings together a wide range of information in one convenient interface. The platform allows the security solutions from multiple vendors to talk to each other and brings their collected information to you before providing insights into where threats are coming from and which parts of your network have already been affected. Any business that needs a more unified presentation of their network information and a means of making informed decisions about their IT security can benefit from Cisco SecureX.

SecureX Unifies Security

The primary benefit of using SecureX is unity. The platform will bring together information from various device managers, endpoint detection tools, and other endpoint security technologies on your network into one page. SecureX allows your IT specialists to make informed decisions quickly because they have the information they need at their fingertips, resulting in lower dwell times for cybersecurity threats and better post-attack measurements. This means no valuable information gets missed when diagnosing and handling a threat, and more lessons can be learned about what went wrong and how to prevent similar events in the future.

Taking Back Company Time

The best part of the unity and improved security response that SecureX brings is the return of productive time. Once set up, the system’s dashboard lets users put the information they care about most front and center. They can see operational metrics, developing threats, and their other Cisco products all in one place. Many data gathering or response tasks that used to be manual can be automated, and SecureX makes it easy to integrate other Cisco solutions that you implement later down the line. All of this keeps your network connected and open to communication with future solutions, meaning your security team can spend less time gathering far flung information and more time making your environment secure.


Cybersecurity can be a challenge for even the best businesses because more solutions will be needed as more challenges are faced, but the number of security solutions your company implements shouldn’t become a challenge itself. Here at Robinett Consulting, we believe in the strength SecureX has to make your IT network more unified, more responsive, and more secure. If you think it’s time you activated and implemented SecureX in your business environment, then we would love to make that transition easy and smooth. After all, if you already have a Cisco product, then you have SecureX, and it is ready to be implemented right now.

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