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SMB teams staying connected with Cisco Webex.

Modern businesses require an advanced level of connection and collaboration to execute well on the tasks and responsibilities needed to keep small and medium businesses running. Cisco Webex offers workers a secure platform that can provide the flexibility needed to collaborate with multiple teams that work in the same office or across the country. By utilizing the latest cloud technology, your business calling experience can be augmented to include secure information sharing and easy collaboration. Your small or medium business can implement these advantages at a pace that makes sense for you, and we want to talk about why your business needs Cisco Webex today!

Reliability and Security

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Cisco Webex allows your business to take advantage of enterprise-level calling capabilities, which means you can use cloud based calling to communicate with anyone, no matter where they are on the globe. The reliability of the Webex platform means you don’t have to worry about technical problems that could interrupt your calls, and you know your technology will be fast and responsive to your needs. You can also be sure that your calls and shared files are secure because Webex is backed by cutting-edge security features that are built into the applications you’ll be using. Because your calling will be done in the cloud, you can be sure that the newest cloud-based security solutions are keeping your data secure!

Built In Collaboration

Webex doesn’t just provide calling services. Your business calls will be upgraded with a cohesive package of features that add to your calling experience. These features include, webcam capabilities, direct messaging, meeting organization, presentation tools, file sharing options, and more! With Webex, your calls can become spaces for easy collaboration and information sharing, which can help your hybrid and remote teams work together no matter where they are. You won’t just be limited to a single device either, as Webex allows for you to access your meetings from desktops, laptops, and smart devices. This means that all your team members can be included on calls, whether they are in the office or on the go.

Leveraging the Cloud

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Webex allows for businesses to move to cloud calling at their own speed. Your business can work with a trusted IT consultant to determine the best processes for moving your communications from on-premises calling to the Webex platform, so your business can have a strong migration strategy that ensures everyone can effortlessly be brought together with Webex. Once in the cloud, your employees can make use of all the advantages cloud-based meetings have to offer, which include:

  • Seamlessly switching between devices during a call
  • Easy information synchronization across devices
  • Data analytics for connectivity and performance
  • A single control panel for administrators to troubleshoot


Every business is going to need to communicate both internally and with clients. It is critical that those communication channels are reliable and secure to reduce workflow interruptions and the risk of cybersecurity events. Our team here at Robinett Consulting is ready to have a complimentary consultation with you today to determine how Cisco Webex can best meet your communication needs, so your employees can stay connected to each other, whether they are working at home or abroad!

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