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Cloud and cloud email

In most modern business landscapes, email is becoming handled inside the cloud more and more often in response to employee needs. Cloud email services help improve employee productivity by making it easier for remote and mobile work to get done while also providing all the latest features and benefits for communications. Since email is still one of the most common vectors for cyberattacks, it is clear that malicious actors are looking for vulnerabilities in a company’s cloud email service in order to stage malware attacks and extract information. This means that businesses need to shore up their email security better than the security features native to their cloud platform.

Bridging Native Email Security Gaps

Many think that the security features built into email services would be enough on their own, but this is not always the case. Malicious actors are always on the lookout for ways around the security features native to cloud email services, and often your business can be most susceptible to emails being sent between users in your network. As a result, if a cyberattack slips past basic security features and is successful on one user, then that threat will become harder to mitigate within your network. In addition to this, native security features in your cloud email service may not be equipped with the tools necessary for quick remediation when an attack does make it into your network.

Cloud Email Protections Your Small Business Wants

When looking for additional security for your cloud email, your small or medium business will want email security that supplements the built-in features already there. You should look for a service that can identify the various parts of an email and detect any malicious features that may be hidden and trying to slip by usual detection methods. To better secure your network from threats that arrive internally and externally, your security tools should also monitor and analyze the emails in employee inboxes regularly. With an eye constantly on user inboxes, threats can be detected and dealt with quickly and ideally before they have the chance of becoming a larger problem.

Email Security that Saves Time and Money

The most useful cloud email security services will provide remediation tools for threats on top of their boost in regular security. Your IT specialists should be able to gather information on the email traffic in your network by searching through potentially malicious emails quickly while having the network visibility necessary to identify threats and strategize a response. This will allow a threat to be investigated without interfering with the workflows of safe emails moving through your network and save your business time and money as your IT team responds quickly and efficiently.


Because so many businesses end up working with cloud email services, it is an area of attack you should be aware of so that your small business can function with both speed and security in daily communications. For thorough email security, your inbox needs more than the basic security features. If you feel you need a partner that can help you decide how much more security your cloud email needs and how to best support your IT team in combatting threats, then our team of security specialists at Robinett Consulting want to help bolster your inbox security.   

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