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HyperFlex Express used to help create a hybrid, private cloud for an SMB.

Both private and public cloud services can be housed within hybrid clouds, but keeping track of everything can be a difficult task, especially because this data can contain sensitive information for small and medium businesses. Cloud management can become an easier process with the help of Cisco HyperFlex Express. The simple and easy onboarding process makes it incredibly user-friendly and allows for customization focused on the size of your business and simplified management of your hybrid cloud. With HyperFlex Express’ ease of use and help from your trusted IT consultant, your business can easily have a hybrid cloud ready to use in your environment quickly and easily!  

HyperFlex Express is ideal for businesses that require a wide variety of services, including:

  • Consolidating servers with server virtualization
  • Deploying applications on virtual desktops in a way that reduces risk
  • Employing a single infrastructure across a system of virtual machines
  • Providing an easy-to-operate private cloud

Flexible Options

Every IT environment is unique, so HyperFlex Express provides the customization necessary to meet the ever-changing needs of a small or medium business. Cisco Hyperflex allows your business to choose from 1- or 2-rack-units, all-NVMe, all-flash, or hybrid configurations for your base systems. Then, your business can select the right processors, memory sizes, and storage types and sizes, so the end result is as unique as your IT environment. SMBs can work with their IT consultant to determine the best configuration for their needs and make plans to expand their private cloud as their business grows over time. With the right help, HyperFlex Express makes onboarding easy and future customization a seamless process!

Managing Your Hybrid Cloud

Establishing a cloud control point is essential for effective management of your infrastructure, and this can be easily provided by the Cisco Intersight cloud operations platform. Intersight works together with HyperFlex to help your business maintain greater control over your hybrid cloud and make it easier to coordinate configurations, permissions, and resources regardless of where your employees are working from. No matter where your applications and infrastructure are needed, Intersight ensures that you will be able to fully optimize them so that your employees can meet customer needs and access the data they need securely.

Simplified Management

HyperFlex Express combined with Intersight helps make the initial configuration process for your hybrid cloud easy, but these tools also make ongoing cloud management simple. You can have detailed visibility into how well your endpoints are connected to the cloud and problem areas are identified as soon as they appear. Intersight will also help keep track of maintenance needs and the regular updating that’s required to ensure a smooth cloud experience. When things go wrong, your SMB will also have access to the expertise of an experienced IT consultant and the resources available from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).


If your business would benefit from a customizable hybrid cloud infrastructure with simple operations, then HyperFlex Express may be the right solution for you. It can easily be tailored to your needs by taking full advantage of its flexibility, and it also provides a path to full optimization of the hybrid cloud that hosts all of your important data. With the help of Cisco Intersight, the switch to a private, hybrid cloud can be simple and easy. Our experienced consultants here at Robinett Consulting can help you decide whether HyperFlex Express is right for you and provide the best advice you need to get the most out of your cloud experience!

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