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Remote worker connected to cloud environments protected by Cisco Cloud Analytics

Cisco Cloud Analytics offers a wide range of security tools that allow you to monitor your public cloud environments for suspicious behavior and potential security threats. Often, public cloud platforms become difficult to monitor and resolve every threat alert that appears because the content on the cloud is constantly changing, and new potential threats appear faster than small IT teams can address and resolve them. Cloud Analytics supports your other cloud tools and helps you secure your cloud better by providing essential behavioral information that differentiates threats from false positives and streamlined alert responses to keep your IT team moving.  

Cisco Cloud Analytics and Entity Modeling

Cloud Analytics uses entity modeling to provide more contextual information for each threat alert that comes in from your public cloud platform or private network. Entity modeling is the process of simulating the machines and devices connected to your network and comparing the simulated behavior to the activity in your actual network environment. This allows the program to make better alert reports because it can see when a machine suddenly begins acting differently based on their usage history or when a device behaves unlike other devices similar to it. This process helps do some of the threat analysis for your IT team, which means when they do get an alert, they can move quickly to resolve the problem.

Threat Detection in the Cloud

Your cloud environments don’t just need good responses to cybersecurity threats inside your network, it also needs to monitor potential threats coming from the internet. Cisco Cloud Analytics uses a wide range of telemetry data available in popular cloud services to monitor what goes on in the environment, meaning its threat detection can be implemented quickly and without additional software. Once setup, Cloud Analytics will keep an eye out for unusual and malicious behavior targeting your cloud edge. If an attack attempt is detected, your IT team will get real-time information on the problem and alerts for any devices that have begun acting strangely.

Security in the Cloud and at the Office

The security provided by Cloud Analytics can be brought down to your private network to allow for the same protections and entity modeling in the office. With the quick and seamless implementation of Cisco Secure Network Analytics, businesses can monitor their in-house network and their public cloud environments at the same time. All of the security and response features of Cloud Analytics will be available, and both coverage areas will be displayed on the same dashboard, which makes threat monitoring and response easy for your IT team.


If your business needs better security monitoring in its fast-paced cloud environments, then Cisco Cloud Analytics can bring the necessary tools to reduce response times, offer informed security alerts, and provide your IT team with more actionable threat alerts to remediate with fewer false positives. No matter where your employees work from, the information in your public cloud will be secure and ready for any potential threats. This security can then be integrated with your in-office network for better coverage and more thorough threat response when something goes wrong.  

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