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Business owners have a lot to consider when thinking about implementing cloud services. Often, deploying and scaling new technology can be risky, and decision makers at any business need to be absolutely sure that the cybersecurity tools they are approving will have clear and immediate returns for the money spent. To help you make the best decisions for your cybersecurity, we want to go over some of the common questions asked by small business owners before they switch to cloud services. We want you to begin talks with your managed service provider (MSP) with confidence, so you can make informed decisions about your business’ cybersecurity!

Does the Cloud Improve Connectivity?

Even though data for cloud services gets stored off-site, you and your employees can access it at any time. You won’t have to worry about your on-premises server crashing or requiring downtime that makes it so no one can get work done. The best part is that even when some employees are working from home, they can still access the company network securely, and with the right tools, their emails, conference calls, uploads, and other work will be protected by enterprise-level cybersecurity services. Switching to cloud services means your business data is always available for work and always protected from malicious actors.

Can Cloud Services Strengthen Cybersecurity?

When you find that your business needs additional security to cover new areas of work or an increase in staff, cloud services will also make adding additional cybersecurity tools easy. Your MSP can help you setup and deploy new security features such as DNS security throughout your entire network, and you can scale existing tools like endpoint protection or multifactor authentication (MFA) as soon as you need extra protection. Overall, switching to cloud services means your business can be more agile and react to shifts in the cybersecurity landscape much more quickly and easily.

What Do I Ask My IT Staff?

Generally, IT departments would be thrilled to move to cloud services because they then have the ability to unify all their security services into one dashboard that lets them see the most important and relevant information to a threat quickly. Your IT staff knows your business’ security needs best, so it is pivotal to ask them where your business’ cybersecurity is lacking and how new tools can best improve their workflows. Knowing this information will allow decision makers at your business to get the best IT consulting you need. Managing your new cloud services does not have to be difficult, and knowing the current pain points your IT staff experience will allow you to improve network security and simplify workflows!


Making the decision to jump into the cloud may seem difficult at first, but the modern security landscape has embraced the cloud because it is extremely effective at keeping businesses secure. Your employees can connect from anywhere to get work done, and your security tools can be agile in order to respond to changes in your industry quickly. By working with your IT staff and a strong MSP, you ensure that cloud services improve your business’ security and efficiency, but you will also want a reliable IT consultant to help you along the way. Our team here at Robinett Consulting wants to be that partner for you, and our security experts are waiting for you to reach out today!

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