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Small and medium businesses want to take every step possible to deter hackers because it is only a matter of time before your network gets targeted by an attack. Because of how stolen information gets moved through the dark web, malicious actors can buy and sell your information without even knowing your business’ name, and eventually someone who buys your stolen data will launch an attack. When this happens, you don’t want to make it easy for them, and you can deter hackers with just a bit of help from your managed security service provider.

Identity Verification

Phishing is the most common form of attack malicious actors will use to target a business. This is because many employees are not properly trained to spot a phishing email and click on malicious links without thinking twice. If a hacker gets ahold of account credentials for your company, they may even try to access your network and send phishing emails from the compromised account. This makes an MFA security layer absolutely essential to deter hackers because they won’t be able to authenticate into the account and launch their attack. Your employees will also then be alerted to their compromised credentials and can take the necessary steps to re-secure their account.

Security at the Edge to Deter Hackers

Many jobs have transitioned to remote work, and company’s have taken a secured access service edge (SASE) approach to their company’s cybersecurity. By bringing security tools into the cloud and to the users at the edge of a network, businesses can capitalize on the flexibility remote work offers without compromising security. Your layers of cybersecurity don’t have to be exclusive to your office premises, and if you want to deter hackers from targeting your employees who work remote, then it’s time to upgrade your security services to work from anywhere in the world.

A Better MSP Relationship

Of course, no business can make changes to their cybersecurity infrastructure without a good relationship with their managed security service provider. A good MSP will help build out your IT environment with the tools that meet your business’ unique IT challenges and supplement their security tools with the IT consulting necessary to keep your services well connected and running efficiently. Even if you have a veteran IT team in-house, you and your team should have a managed security service provider that adds value to your cybersecurity infrastructure and has your best interests in mind.


Here at Robinett Consulting, we understand that the modern cybersecurity landscape can be difficult to navigate at times for small businesses, and we value making it easier for business owners to learn how to keep their company information safe. Whether you need a strong MFA or new security tools to protect your network edge, we would love to hear from you today so that we can be the managed security service provider you need to stay one step ahead of the malicious actors.

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