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Small business owner developing essential cybersecurity infrastructure projects for their company.

As a small business grows and improves its operations, it is imperative that its cybersecurity infrastructure grows with it to ensure new data sets and endpoints are properly protected. The best time to start building essential cybersecurity infrastructure is now, and starting early can save your small business a lot of time and resources in the long run. Even if your business only has a single employee, starting to think about cloud security, remote security, and the cybersecurity culture of your company will allow your cybersecurity posture to remain strong as your business scales up to take on new clients and improve its services.

Implementing Cloud Security

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The cloud has become a ubiquitous part of business for almost every industry, and there is a high chance that your business already uses the cloud for one or more services. With all of its utility, the cloud also offers malicious actors a fruitful attack surface where they can cause a data breach, exploit vulnerabilities, inject ransomware, and more. Due to this, one cybersecurity infrastructure project your business should prioritize is taking advantage of the security features your cloud services provide, implementing further security tools suggested by your managed service provider (MSP), and create emergency response plans for when things go wrong. By securing your cloud data now, you can deter future cyberattacks simply by not being an easy target.

Create Cybersecurity That’s Mobile

While your business grows and hires new employees to meet client needs, it is likely members of your team will need to get work done remotely. With the rise of hybrid work spaces, a high priority cybersecurity infrastructure project is ensuring your remote workers have reliable layers of security. This means implementing endpoint protection, multifactor authentication (MFA), and a next-generation firewall for every device that can access your network. These security tools in combination with a VPN and strong cybersecurity training will help your employees stay secure whether they work in the office, at home, or while they travel to work with clients.

Making Cybersecurity an Office Topic

In terms of cybersecurity infrastructure projects, one of the most important will be developing a company culture that values cybersecurity and discusses it often in the office. All too often, companies leave cybersecurity to training modules and recurring lessons, but making your company’s cybersecurity an everyday conversation can help ensure everyone is up to date with the best practices for stopping hackers. Ensuring your employees interact with cybersecurity topics every day keeps it at the forefront of their minds, and this means they are more likely to be vigilant when looking for potential threats and more careful when researching and interacting with the internet.


These three cybersecurity infrastructure projects are essential to protecting your small business’ data, but they are not the only things to begin working on early. Because every business is unique, a reliable IT consultant can help identify strategic cybersecurity infrastructure projects that your business needs to implement, and a good IT consultant will help your business every step of the way. Our team at Robinett Consultant values providing useful consultations and reliable advice that helps your business run safely and securely, and our security specialists provide complimentary consultations to see if we can bring IT as it should be to your business!

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