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Ransomware attacks will often begin as phishing campaigns. Nation state cybercrime. Dark web.

Given the abundance of illegal activities going on within the dark web, proactive business owners will want to know how to stay on top of their data and be the first to know if any of their company information has been stolen by malicious actors. Of course, putting yourself at risk by checking this information for yourself on the most dangerous part of the internet is not the best way to approach this. Rather, we here at Robinett Consulting recommend a dark web monitoring service because it will provide three game changing benefits that help protect your business.

Reactive Protection Against Cyberattacks

The most beneficial feature of any monitoring service is a quick notification of any compromised credentials that appear in a sweep of the dark web. Often, whether or not your information ends up on the dark web is entirely out of your control, so when your credentials get leaked in another company’s data breach or cyberattack, you must take swift action to patch up any holes that may have been opened in your security. More often than not, acting on an early warning of a possible security breach can make the difference in preventing sensitive information from being stolen. Dark web monitoring allows your business to act quickly and confidently when a leaked credential is detected.

Monitoring the Dark Web for Passwords

A robust dark web monitoring service will provide around the clock investigations to see if your information has fallen into the wrong hands. Sometimes employees don’t practice the best password hygiene and will reuse passwords for different accounts. So, when one account becomes compromised, others used by that employee become security risks.

When monitoring the dark web, you will be notified if any employee credentials linked to your business emails or IP address have been found. Not only will you learn if specific email addresses have been compromised directly within your business, but you can also see if accounts using a business email have had their passwords breached.

Alerts and Statistics on Activity

Tens of thousands of compromised credentials can end up on the dark web each day, and not every industry is targeted equally. Having a service comb through the dark web for you means that you can learn about the larger trends in cyber attacks affecting your industry. Being alerted to ongoing risks in your industry means that you can take early steps to prevent your business from becoming the next victim of a cyberattack campaign.


When your business credentials are compromised, finding out as soon as possible is pivotal in protecting your business. This is why Robinett Consulting recommends that your business protects itself with a dark web monitoring service. Not only will you receive early notifications of stolen credentials, but you’ll gain insights into what malicious actors are up to on the dark web and the steps you need to take to keep your information secure.

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