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Secure network access with endpoint protection for data breach prevention

There is no business too small to not worry about data breach prevention. Losing proprietary and client information to malicious actors can cause a business to shutdown overnight, so security tools that help monitor potential threats and respond to suspicious activity on the company network are essential. One layer of security that does a lot of work to prevent potential data breaches is endpoint protection, and its exceptional ability to ward off data breaches comes down to three important factors:

  • 24/7 protection
  • Complete device coverage
  • Fast threat response times

Data Breach Prevention Anywhere

Because endpoint protection is a cloud-based security service, it can be deployed on any device, no matter where that device moves. This makes it ideal for businesses that have employees working from home or who have to travel for their job. Company data will be the most at risk when the network is accessed away from the secure, centralized IT environment in the office, so having an endpoint protection service that works for you around the clock lowers the risk involved with possibly unsecure connections. Along with this, if your business wants to emphasize SASE for security and data breach prevention, then endpoint protection is critical.

Security for Every Device

Often, malicious actors will break into a business’ network using attack vectors people take for granted. For companies that have a bring your own device (BYoD) policy, malicious actors may take advantage of the relaxed approach some people take to their personal devices. Endpoint protection helps mitigate this by covering any device that is used to access your business network. No matter if employees bring their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, the right endpoint protection can monitor the behavior of that device and isolate it if it starts looking like a threat to the business. Having a way to monitor and respond to the many devices that operate within your IT environment is a great step towards effective data breach prevention.

Early Threat Detection and Response

The best way endpoint protection aids in data breach prevention is its fast detection and response times when suspicious activity occurs at an endpoint. As soon as something deemed suspicious occurs on a device, a robust endpoint protection service will provide your IT staff the information they need to decide what to do next. It will also immediately take steps necessary to secure your data, such as cutting off that device’s access to the business network. Endpoint protection will even work with other cloud-based security tools in your environment to provide the best data breach prevention possible.


Businesses keep a lot of valuable information in their records, and malicious actors will go above and beyond to get their hands on it. This means your small business needs to set up as many layers of security as possible to help prevent data breaches, and the first step can be an endpoint protection solution that allows your employees to work safer from more devices and more places when they need to. Here at Robinett Consulting we understand the need businesses have for bringing safety and flexibility together, and we want to provide you with the custom fit solutions you deserve.

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