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Healthcare professional working with an IT consultant to digitize their practice.

Healthcare practices have a lot to gain from digitizing and utilizing technology that can improve patient experience and streamline administrative tasks. Rather than spending time handling physical notes and charts for each individual patient and letting them wait to check-in for their visit, healthcare practitioners can improve their workflows and give patients more control over their experience in the office. These benefits don’t have to come at the expense of security because a healthcare focused IT consultant can guide you through every step of digitizing your practice and making sure your records, personal data, and patient information aren’t stolen or exploited as you improve service quality and gain more productive work hours.

Digitizing Documentation

When moving a healthcare practice to digital tools, patient documentation is often one of the biggest areas of improvement for a practitioner. With digitized patient documentation, records can be retrieved, updated, and stored in just a matter of minutes. This allows you to spend less time looking for files, handwriting notes, and returning the documents to their proper place, which can translate to saving valuable productive hours that can then be spent with new patients. By working with a reliable IT consultant, a healthcare practice can put in place the cybersecurity measures necessary to keep those records secure from hackers and backed up to prevent data loss in the event of a disaster happening at the office!

Streamlining Office Visits

Digitizing a healthcare office can allow professionals to take advantage of new and exciting technology to improve patient satisfaction and save time. Patient visits, for example, can be more streamlined with electronic patient check-ins that can augment and improve the office’s front desk service. Instead of waiting to be checked in, patients can use a tablet, kiosk, or other device to provide initial information for the office visit. Then, patients can be directed to waiting rooms or available patient rooms to see their healthcare professional. Processes like this gives time back to doctors and keeps patients informed on their visit, so your practice’s staff can focus on providing excellent service when interacting with patients.

Help at Every Step

It’s never too early or late to begin digitizing your healthcare office. By working with a small business IT consultant, healthcare professionals can get the direction they need to implement digital tools and begin taking their time back and improving patient service. An IT consultant that has experience working with the healthcare industry can provide guidance on solutions your practice needs while also working closely with your business to help ensure installing and rolling out new tools won’t disrupt your practice’s service. No matter if your records are only partly digitized or you’ve already begun using digital tools, an IT consultant can offer the insight and expertise needed to help you take full advantage of your digital services.


Working digital tools into a healthcare practice can be a challenge, but with the right support, healthcare professionals can improve their documentation processes, streamline patient visits, and overall take back valuable productive hours throughout the week. Our team here at Robinett Consulting consists of security experts that are experienced with healthcare cybersecurity and can help implement the security solutions needed to keep your records safe and your patient information secure. No matter where you are in your digitization journey, we want to help and bring your practice IT as it should be!

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