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Email filtering is a service that essentially all email providers offer on a small scale. To help filter out spam email from a person’s inbox, certain filtering rules will be established to automatically prevent certain types of emails from entering a user’s inbox. For the purposes of cybersecurity, this service can be offered to a business by a managed service provider (MSP) with features that not only filter spam but also scan emails for malware or malicious elements. The email filtering service will then prevent the malicious email from entering the employee’s inbox and help your business run more securely. In this article, we want to elaborate on email filtering and explain how it can help protect your business!

Email Filtering Process

An email filtering service functions by scanning an email before it arrives in an employee’s inbox and applying a series of rules and filters to determine if the email is safe enough to land in the inbox. These services can scan the contents of an email and determine its legitimacy based on syntax, phrasing, reputation, and common words associated with phishing attacks or spam. Header information on the email will also be verified to ensure the email comes from a reputable source, and specific email addresses or domains can be blocked entirely. In the verification process, a wide range of criteria can be put in place to vet emails, and an MSP can help set the right criteria for you!

Benefits to SMBs

Aside from keeping spam out of employee inboxes, email filtering offers SMBs a powerful tool in preventing malicious content from ever reaching users. The right email filtering service can identify potentially malicious links or suspicious file attachments and require verification by an IT staff member before being sent through, and this can help prevent successful ransomware or spyware attacks. Additionally, this passive protection can help employees remain safe while they complete cybersecurity training or begin working with new clients or services that bad actors would want to impersonate in an attack strategy.

MSP Options

By working with an MSP, your business can have a cybersecurity expert monitor your email filtering service around the clock to ensure it functions properly and keeps you safe. A knowledgeable MSP can also help set the right rules and filters that your business needs, making it more likely that your services remain configured correctly as your company grows and matures. Importantly, a local managed service provider can also help keep your service costs low, so you can keep every employee at your company secure while still staying within a small business budget!


Email filtering scans every email that comes into employee inboxes in real time to filter out spam content or potentially malicious emails. By working with an MSP, your business can set the best rules and filters to help stop common attack strategies before they have a chance to trick employees into clicking a suspicious link or downloading malicious content. When working with an experienced MSP like Robinett Consulting, you can leverage the years of experience our team has to make sure your IT environment has the best security tools in place and get the advice you need to setup the best layers of cybersecurity services for your unique business!

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