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A small business owner working on data loss prevention at home. Emergency IT Services.

For small and medium businesses, the need for emergency IT services can arise over night if an employee falls for a phishing attack, a hacker finds an exploitable vulnerability on your network, or you realize you’re not prepared for a new and novel threat. For sudden security related emergencies, IT consultants can provide fast help, so you recover your accounts sooner or remediate threats on your network before they cause your business to close. In this article, we want to cover three of the best emergency IT services a consultant can provide, so you know who to reach out to when your technology crisis needs to be resolved as soon as possible!

Account Recovery Services

Hackers can exploit employees that do not implement strong passwords on their accounts or those that fall for a phishing email campaign to take over a verified user’s account on your network. When accounts are suddenly stolen, it can be difficult to regain access and undo the damage a malicious actor causes to your network and reputation. By quickly contacting an IT consultant that provides emergency IT services, their team of security specialists can recover your accounts and investigate what the unauthorized user has done. Your IT consultant will help undo as much damage as possible and help you secure your accounts so that future attacks are less likely to take over another company account.

Threat Remediation

A wide range of attacks, such as malvertising and phishing emails, can cause sudden cybersecurity events that require immediate action to protect company data and user information. If an SMB is caught unprepared, then the next steps to take after a successful attack can be unclear if the network’s immediate security solutions can’t remediate the threat. In cases where an SMB needs to strategize a remediation plan and re-secure their network quickly, then an IT consultant may be able to help. Experienced IT professionals can identify persistent malware threats and offer remediation solutions that resolve the emergency and offer the solutions you need to prevent similar attacks in the future.   

Filling Security Gaps

Security gaps and failure to meet industry critical compliances can require emergency IT services, and a local IT consultant can help strategize how to fill those gaps as quickly and safely as possible. By having a comprehensive plan for how to bridge security gaps, an SMB can implement needed security solutions while monitoring their network with the help of an IT specialist. This way, a business can continue operations while they work with their IT consultant to get their security posture back to a high standard of security. After the network is adequately secured, an IT consultant can help create plans and policies that better ensure the business stays secure and compliant well into the future.


Even enterprise level companies can struggle with accounting for every possible threat vector for their business, and when things go wrong, having a partner in IT can help keep your business data out of the hands of hackers. Our team here at Robinett Consulting believe businesses should reach out to local IT consultants to learn about the emergency IT services they offer because an early conversation can help prevent a crisis before it arrives. If your business requires immediate cybersecurity assistance, then an IT consultant may be able to help re-secure your data and then help your business implement the security solutions needed to prevent future attacks!

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