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A small business owner working in a rural area with business grade internet.

Despite a strong business grade internet connection being an important asset for small businesses owners, it can sometimes be difficult to get a high-quality connection in rural areas. By going through residential options for internet, many businesses may find satellite internet as the only available option, and this can be less than ideal because of slow speeds. However, if you run a business outside of normal internet service areas, it can still be possible to get business grade internet to your home or place of work, and we want to show you how.   

Getting Business Grade Internet

Whether your small business is run from your home or another place of work, you do not always have to look through residential options for internet access. Because you own a business, it is possible to talk to your internet service provider (ISP) about business internet options. Even if that ISP does not currently service the area, you can work with them on a contract to build out the infrastructure necessary to bring high quality internet to your rural place of work. While the costs of building the infrastructure you need will be worked into your rate, this will also make it easier for others in your rural community to build out their own internet as well.

Additional Perks

In addition to the excellent internet speeds and reliability, having business grade internet brought to you comes with additional perks not available to residential internet services. Service level agreements (SLAs) are sometimes available from your ISP when they build out business grade internet in your rural area, and they are perfect for businesses that want as little internet downtime as possible. An SLA outlines how quickly your ISP will send out workers to resolve connection issues you encounter. They often fall into the range of a few hours after an internet problem occurs, but it is important for you to see what SLA options are available from the ISP you contract with.

Is This Right For You?

Having business grade internet built out to your rural area would be ideal for many people who have had satellite internet as their only option for a long time, but is it right for your small business? Because of the cost of building out the infrastructure needed for high quality internet, the rates for this service can spike depending on your location and the infrastructure immediately around you. This makes it ideal for businesses relatively close to already existing service areas, but it is always worth talking with an IT consultant to see your options because there may be infrastructure near your place of work that would make this option cheaper than it first appears.


Here at Robinett Consulting, we believe that every small business should have access to high quality, business grade internet, and we want to help you get the internet service you deserve. You can reach out to our team today, and one of our specialists will help you research the available options for bringing a strong internet connection to your place of work for the best possible price.

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