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Healthcare practices have begun to leverage new technologies to increase a provider’s efficiency and improve the quality of care for patients. Acquiring needed technology can be a challenge for small healthcare offices, and this is why developing a relationship with an IT consultant that provides value added reseller services can be beneficial for any office. IT consultants already provide valuable security services to healthcare, and by taking advantage of their technology procurement services, you can access expert opinions on technology, while saving time, and lowering costs for the technology that will best improve your practice!

Tailored Technology Choices

One of the biggest advantages a local IT consultant can provide for a healthcare practice is the professional opinion on which pieces of technology will add needed value to a practice’s day-to-day operations. No matter if it’s laptops for regular working days, tablets for patient sign ins, or specialized technology that is unique to your area of healthcare, an IT consultant can provide insight into which devices will best serve your needs and the right specifications for those devices to ensure they will work well and last for years. Your consultant will also be ready to help you secure those devices, so you know that your office network meets cybersecurity best practices and regulatory compliances!

Time Savings

Working with an IT consultant for technology procurement can save a healthcare practice valuable time and resources tracking down the right technology for its needs. A reliable consultant will have already done the necessary research to present a healthcare provider with the technology options that can be procured and deployed as soon as possible, so you won’t have to research the specifications for laptops, tablets, mobile devices, or specialized technology that can improve patient visits and workflows. With well-researched information at your fingertips, you can work with your IT consultant to make the best choice for your unique situation and have your partner in IT work with vendors to acquire technology as soon as possible.

Lowered Costs

Value added resellers don’t have to go to consumer retailers to procure technology, and this provides many benefits that your IT consultant can pass on to your healthcare practice. For example, it is common for vendors to provide value added resellers discounts for bulk orders and special pricing based on their long-standing relationship. These savings can then be passed onto your business, which can help lower the cost of the technology you need to buy. This means that by developing a relationship with an IT consultant that provides VAR services, a healthcare practitioner can get both the expert advice needed for purchasing decisions and save potentially thousands of dollars in the long term.


As a healthcare provider, you should be focused on providing the best possible care to patients, and that’s why our security and technology experts here at Robinett Consulting want to help be the partner in IT that you need. Our team has specialized experience in healthcare, so we can offer your practice the technology options that best suit your needs, and we pride ourselves on getting your technology in your hands quickly at a cost that makes sense for your business. If your practice needs help procuring technology, then you can take advantage of a complimentary consultation to see how we can bring your office IT as it should be!

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