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Healthcare worker entering patient records more easily after working with an IT consultant.

Cybersecurity in the healthcare industry must provide workers with both a high level of security for sensitive data and the ease and convenience that new technology and services can bring to the workplace. The more time doctors, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals can spend with their patients the better, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right solutions when workers are focusing on their practice and providing the best service possible to patients. That’s why our team here at Robinett Consulting want to highlight three cybersecurity challenges that frequently appear in healthcare and offer insight into how an IT consultant can help remove these obstacles.

Patient Privacy

For compliancy and general network security, healthcare professionals require cybersecurity solutions that can keep their patients’ personally identifiable information (PII) secure. This means patient records need to be properly protected, backed up, and stored with an appropriate level of security to prevent a data breach. When working with an IT consultant, healthcare workers can outsource important security practices, such as managing data backups and monitoring the network for suspicious activity. With a reliable IT team working to help keep the business safe, workers can focus on ensuring they provide high-quality care to their patients while an IT professional monitors the business for any security gaps that could lead to patient PII leaking or being misused.

Network Protection

The healthcare industry is a prime target for malicious actors because of the valuable information it collects on patients and the critical role it plays in day-to-day life. For this reason it is essential that healthcare facilities have the best cybersecurity solutions in place to detect attacks early and minimize the threat of data breaches and ransomware. A small business IT consultant can help a healthcare practice remain secure by providing a network assessment to determine the health of the business’ cybersecurity infrastructure. Then, the consultant can provide solutions to improve the businesses’ security posture and work with staff every step of the way to ensure the proper deployment and use of security services.

Technology Solutions

In addition to protecting patient data and the business’ network, healthcare facilities can work with an IT consultant to find new and useful technologies that can improve workflows and in-office connectivity. A reliable IT consultant can help identify new devices, such as laptops or tablets, that can help healthcare professionals stay mobile, aid organization, and improve communication with patients. A consultant like Robinett Consulting that specializes in healthcare can even help identify new software solutions that can make entering patient notes and information faster and easier, so workers can focus on providing high-quality care to more of their patients!


Healthcare professionals face many cybersecurity challenges in their industry, and IT consultants can provide a wide range of services that both improve cybersecurity and make an employee’s day more efficient. Even the smallest practices should consider working with a local small business IT consultant because IT professionals can help secure patient data, strengthen the business’ cybersecurity posture, and provide solutions that help make providing care to patients more efficient. By building a partnership with a relationship-focused IT consultant like Robinett Consulting, healthcare professionals can even begin outsourcing their IT needs, so they can focus on their patients!

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