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Small business employee having a team conference with a strong business communication tool.

In every workplace, quick and clear communication is key to improving outcomes and boosting company productivity. It can’t be understated how beneficial the right communication tool can be for even small teams of employees that must work together to accomplish a job. A good business communication tool will reduce the effort it takes to reach out to coworkers and clients while providing useful features that make using it a habit. The features that separate a good communication tool from a great one are design, integration, and implementation.

Messaging and Meetings in One

When a business starts out, it can be tempting to only acquire the tools immediately needed to get the job done. This means a business could get a subscription to a video calling platform that does not have a strong messaging system. While this might not cause any problems at first, once new team members join or project teams become larger, separating calling and messaging can slow teams down significantly. On the other hand, choosing a service with both features can save hundreds of hours of company time as employees will have only one sign in and only one application to keep track of day-to-day.

Easy Calendar Integration

Many modern business communication tools will have a calendar application they work together well with. This means virtual meetings will automatically be added to an employee’s calendar, and attendees can access the link to a meeting they need to attend right from their calendar. While this may seem like a small convenience, it allows workers to keep all the information they need connected to a meeting in one place, and it ensures no one loses a link to an important meeting, which could cause a late start. Overall, the more your business communication tools can communicate with each other, the more future proof your internal communication structure becomes.

Business Communication Training

Just like with anything else introduced into a work environment, business communication tools require direct, comprehensive training for each new employee. No matter which service you decide to implement into your business, the tool will only be useful if people are taught how to use it. For this reason, implementing the right business communication service early can give you plenty of time to learn its ins and outs before getting members of your future team on board with it. Also, it’s important to always talk to your MSP about the training material that may be available to you when you sign up for your new business communication service.


Small and medium businesses have a lot to gain from implementing a strong business communication tool early, and choosing the service that best suits your business doesn’t have to be a decision you make on your own. Every member of the Robinett Consulting team is dedicated to building up small businesses, and you can contact our team of specialists today to have all of your questions answered to get you on the right track to efficient, secure day to day business!

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