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A small business planning how to improve their IT security Posture.

When a small business is first starting out, its IT security posture may be the last thing on everyone’s mind, but neglecting to focus on cybersecurity can have disastrous consequences for a startup. When a business is new and making fresh contacts at a rapid pace, malicious actors can easily take advantage of relaxed cybersecurity training and an employee’s eagerness to talk to a new client with a phishing campaign or other form of attack. However, improving your small business’ IT security posture doesn’t have to be difficult, and a few easy precautions can potentially save the business from closing its doors early.

Back Up Your Data

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The first step a new business can take to better improve their IT security posture is simply backing up important company data. If your business would be negatively affected by the loss of a piece of information, then it is crucial to have a backup available. Ideally, this backup would not be immediately connected to the business’ network because some ransomware will seek out back ups as a way to make the attack harder to recover from. Small businesses should also have a scalable solution for data backups such as using a cloud back up service in order to grow the size of their data without having to change where that data is stored long term.  

Implement IT Training

The human element of a business will almost always be most susceptible to a cyberattack. Without proper training and consistent reminders, employees can lose the vigilance they need to spot a phishing campaign coming into their inbox. No matter how small your team is at startup, it’s never too early to begin cybersecurity training. The goal should be to educate every team member on how to spot phishing attacks and other cybersecurity threats so that they never get a foothold in your network. Starting training early also means you can build a company culture that is focused on security and invested in maintaining a strong IT security posture.

Worst-Case Scenario Plans

While it’s best to be as prepared as possible to prevent a security breach, the worst-case scenario can happen to any business. This is why small businesses should have a plan in place for how to handle a successful cyberattack. You may plan on getting cyber insurance, immediately reverting to a backup of your data, or a combination of the two, but everyone should know their role in protecting the business. Employees should also know who to contact if their credentials are stolen and the best ways to warn their coworkers to be cautious of malicious content coming from their account. In the end, a strong plan that is enacted quickly can mitigate the damage from a cyberattack.


For a new small business, improving your IT security posture doesn’t need to be difficult. With a reliable back up system, the proper training, and the right planning, your business can have the best chances of making it through a successful cyberattack. To further improve your IT security posture, your business should also work with a reliable managed security service provider and IT consultant to figure out the best security solutions for your business’ unique IT environment. If you need help improving your cybersecurity right away, then our team is always ready to have a free consultation with your business and get you the advice and tools you need to operate safely!

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