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Small business owner working with an IT consultant to make a better data backup plan.

Small and medium businesses can gain a lot from planning a reliable data backup strategy. Without the proper backups, one cybersecurity event or natural disaster could mean a business gets set back months or even closes its door. With just a little bit of planning and the help of a reliable small business IT consultant, this doesn’t have to be the case. With the right goals in mind, regular procedures to ensure your systems are working properly, and the right options in front of you, any small business can better secure its data from disaster. Here we want to talk about some of the best practices for data backup planning that every SMB should implement!

Prioritizing Operations Continuity

When looking into data backup solutions and improving backup plans, small and medium businesses must prioritize ensuring the continuity of their business. This means your data backup solution must include services that enable you to restore network information, data, applications, and any other tools your business needs to function right after a cyberattack or disaster. A strong backup solution paired with a plan that lets everyone in the company know the role they play in getting the network back up and running can make the difference between a company being out of operation for a couple days or a couple weeks.

Backup Testing

Even with the best data backup services, things can go wrong and prevent your backups from being there when needed. This is why a strong data backup plan will include regularly testing your backups for reliability and continuity. Many backup services allow backups to test themselves, so they will just need to be verified by the IT department or IT consultant on a regular basis. However, if your business relies on backups that do not allow for self-testing, then it is critical that your business tests these backups regularly and begins making plans to switch to a service that provides the flexibility and easy user experience needed to self-test data backups that are stored both onsite and in the cloud.

Explore Backup Options

It is critical that small and medium-sized businesses explore the data backup services available to them. The right backup solution will ensure regular testing, keep backups in the cloud, not allow your backups to be altered from the network, avoid backup chain dependency, and much more. The size and scale of your business will determine the best solutions for a backup plan, so our team here at Robinett Consulting recommends working with an IT consultant that specializes in SMB cybersecurity to get the latest information on all the available backup solutions that could provide the reliability, stability, and continuity of business you require.


Getting the right data backup plan in place isn’t always easy, but small and medium-sized businesses shouldn’t have to do it alone. Our cybersecurity experts here at Robinett Consulting are always ready to work with SMBs to combine these best practices for data backup planning with our knowledge to ensure your IT environment has a customized backup solution and plan in place to prevent the worst-case scenarios from happening. Reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members today, so we can ensure your business receives IT as it should be!

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