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Reliable Wi-Fi has become essential to almost every company, but businesses often do not think about how they can upgrade their Wi-Fi experience to provide better service and improve customer experience. Wi-Fi technology has innovated considerably in recent years, and SMBs can take advantage of this technology to separate business and guest internet access, increase the number of devices that can seamlessly access the internet, collect client information, and more. By working with a managed service provider (MSP), SMBs can have a technology expert help them set up and maintain their internet services, so your internet helps your business run more efficiently and increases customer satisfaction!   

MSP Expertise

With managed Wi-Fi services, SMBs gain access to a reliable technology expert that helps implement your new internet services, manage the network around the clock, and monitor your internet coverage to ensure staff and customers have the access they need. Your MSP can help ensure your managed Wi-Fi services stay within budget and that you get the most out of the technology you implement. Also, an experienced MSP can help configure your internet technology to provide the best security coverage possible by automating patches and helping to monitor your network for security threats and possible gaps in your cybersecurity posture.

Increased Wi-Fi Capabilities

With managed Wi-Fi services, your SMB can easily implement enterprise-level internet that provides a host of other capabilities that help meet your needs. For example, your business can separate internet access for guests so they can access Wi-fi without taking up needed business bandwidth. When those customers connect to the guest internet, you can request information from them, such as their email or other information relevant to your business, so you can streamline their visit and gather contact information. Most managed Wi-Fi services will also provide users with a useful dashboard that lets them monitor the network’s status and provide real-time data that lets you make decisions that help the business run smoothly!

Business Oriented Features

Every industry requires their internet to allow specialized practices that help the business operate efficiently or stand out from the competition. No matter the field you work in, managed Wi-Fi can help provide the edge you need to offer the best service possible. Not only will your internet speeds be fast and reliable, but you can also leverage your technology to support a wide range of devices, such as RFID tags, IoT devices, and all of your employee’s mobile devices. High quality video calls, quick real-time collaboration between devices, and inventory monitoring all become easier to handle on your network when you upgrade your internet to a managed service.   


SMBs shouldn’t compromise when it comes to internet services because a single outage or network inefficiency can cause enormous problems or interrupt employee workflows dramatically. By implementing a managed Wi-Fi solution, your business can improve its network reliability and use your improved internet to support features that aren’t always possible on older technologies. Newer internet technology also means your network will be more secure, helping ensure your business runs smoothly while your MSP supports your business and lets you focus on what you do best – providing great service to customers!

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