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An integrated threat defense solution helps small and medium businesses roll out needed security tools and scale them as the business grows in size. These solutions bring together the endpoint protection, network detection and response, and other security tools your business needs into one place. This means your IT team can have all the information and alerts they need consolidated and presented to help them make decisions and your employees can have a streamlined experience with their security applications.  In this article, we want to show some of the most important ways an integrated threat defense solution can benefit SMBs and help meet their security needs!

Security Solution Consolidation

By taking advantage of integrated threat defense solutions, small and medium businesses can have all of their software-as-a-service (SaaS) security applications in one place. This means your IT team won’t need to spend time navigating through multiple portals for each security tool in your environment, and they can be provided consolidated alerts and information. Many integrated threat defense solutions also have features, such as AI-support, that increase performance and allow for easy scaling as the business grows and requires more security coverage. Additionally, with all of your security solutions in one place, it becomes easy to only pay for the services necessary to keep your business running safely.

Streamlining Alerts

Your IT team already has a flood of alerts and notifications coming from the security tools implemented in the company’s IT environment. An integrated threat defense solution will bring all of these alerts into the same cloud-based service, meaning they are easier to manage and parse through. The integrated threat defense solution can then help sift through the alerts coming in to highlight important notifications that may normally get overlooked and consolidate data associated with high-value alerts. This means your IT team or IT specialist will have the context they need provided with an alert so that they can make well-informed decisions to protect the environment.

Easy User Interactions

A company’s security solutions impact more than just the IT team. Every employee that uses the security solutions put in place by the business can have their workflows interrupted or develop unsafe cybersecurity habits to circumvent cumbersome security solutions. With integrated threat defense, employees can have an easy, streamlined experience with their security tools. Patches can be handled automatically, strong password habits can be enforced easily, and workflows that are not directly related to security events can go uninterrupted. When employees have a simple experience with their security tools, they are more likely to engage with them and build the cybersecurity knowledge necessary to keep things running smoothly!  


Integrated threat defense offers many benefits for SMBs, but moving from a collection of security tools to one robust solution can be a challenge. If your business aims to consolidate its security applications, then a small business IT consultant can help find the best solutions for you and guide your business through the steps necessary to successfully transition. It is critical that your business has the best security possible at all times, so our team of technology specialists are ready to help you find and implement your integrated threat defense service.

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