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ISP cybersecurity may not be enough to protect your network activity.

Often it can be easy to assume that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) would include some form of ISP cybersecurity in their internet package. However, this is typically not the case for private users and businesses that have signed up for even the highest internet speeds. In order to make the best decisions for your small business’ security posture, it is crucial to understand the kind of security that is built into your internet bill and why looking for other options should be an essential part of protecting your business.

The Role of an ISP

An ISPs main role is to simply provide access to the internet for private users in their homes and on-site for businesses. They will act as a doorway between a user’s private network and the internet, and you can work with your ISP to have your internet speed adjusted to best suit your needs. Otherwise, cybersecurity protection that is included in your internet bill is limited. While most ISP cybersecurity protections only include IP spoofing prevention, users should not assume they have the same protection as they would get from a Next Generation Firewall, endpoint protection, or VPN unless they are paying for those services separately.

ISP Cybersecurity Tools are Optional

Many ISPs will offer security tools as a separate package in addition to your internet bill. What is included in those security packages and the quality of the tools provided will vary depending on the ISP cybersecurity package offered. These security tools can include cloud-based solutions, real-time threat monitoring, and regular scans for outstanding threats on your machine. It is important to remember that these services will still come as an extra charge on your internet bill, and if you have not signed up for them, then it is safe to assume that your ISP is not providing them for you.

Why Your Business Deserves More

While it may be tempting to sign up for ISP cybersecurity solutions, it is not always the best option available to your business. Historically, ISPs have been slow to take a position in protecting their users with cybersecurity tools. Due to this, the products they offer could be less robust than alternatives on the market. On top of this, if you ever needed to change your ISP, it is not guaranteed that the same tools you had before will be available from your new ISP. This change could slowdown your IT team and potentially create gaps in your security posture that hackers could take advantage of.


When it comes to cybersecurity, consistency and reliability are key because your business needs robust, interconnected tools that can monitor and protect your network around the clock. ISP cybersecurity options may not provide the coverage or flexibility your business needs, and that’s why we here at Robinett Consulting want to help you find out which options best suit your needs. We want to work with your business to identify the intersection of cost and coverage that your network requires to run safely day in and day out. Even if those tools do not come from us, we want to make you aware of your options so that you can make an informed decision on your IT security!

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