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Healthcare professional working with well integrated technology.

When digitizing a long-standing practice or opening a brand-new office space, integrating technology into an office’s network can be a challenging task for healthcare professionals. By working closely with an IT consultant, healthcare providers can get the help they need to have their office up and running as soon as possible while they focus on building out the rest of the office or providing patients with the high-quality care they deserve. An IT consultant can take over the work of connecting devices to your network, setting them up in the office, and troubleshooting problems that occur so that you can have all your devices configured correctly and ready to help your business run!

Devices to Integrate

Healthcare professionals in any field can benefit from having an IT consultant help integrate devices into their network. A local IT consultant can help set up patient rooms with desktops, landlines, and any other technology that a practice needs to provide care to patients. The front desk can have desktops, payment processors, printers, and other devices needed to service patients setup to help ensure they allow for streamlined operations and little downtime. An IT consultant’s goal when integrating devices into your office’s network is to make sure employees can move through the office with a high-quality network connection on devices and that the technology in each room is reliable and setup with security and convenience in mind.

Improving Patient Visits

When all of the required technology for the healthcare office is set up, an IT consultant can also help with additional technology integrations that can improve patient visits and maximize the productive hours for employees. For example, if an office wanted to implement a check-in kiosk or on-line service, an IT consultant can install the necessary devices in the office and monitor the device’s connection to ensure that it operates as intended. This way, patients can reliably check-in at the kiosk or utilize an online check-in service that can connect them to social media or other applications that can verify their information and provide other services to help advertise your business.

Peace of Mind

The best IT consultants aim to integrate devices into a healthcare practice’s network to help ensure the office runs holistically and efficiently. Employees should be able to work in any room of the practice confident that the technology they need will work as intended, and patients must be provided with reliable check-in options, secure access to wi-fi, and other perks that help improve the quality of their visit. By working with an IT consultant, a healthcare professional can meet these goals and know they have a reliable team of technology experts that can troubleshoot technology problems and ensure the healthcare practice is always as secure as possible.


No matter where your office is at in its digitization process, an IT consultant can provide the guidance and expertise needed to integrate the technology your office requires. Our team here at Robinett Consulting has security experts that specialize in healthcare, so we know that your technology needs to be both convenient and secure, so we want to work with your healthcare practice to ensure you have the most reliable technology infrastructure possible. If you need assistance setting up new devices, improving the connection of already installed technology, or advice for your digitization next steps, our experts are waiting to hear from you!  

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