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IT consultant helping with a large IT infrastructure project.

Many small and medium businesses that have reliable IT teams on staff could still benefit greatly from working with an IT consultant for large, specialized digital infrastructure projects. Threat assessments, network expansions, or the installation of new network hardware are just a few projects that an IT consultant can support a business with. By working with an IT consultant, SMBs gain access to specialized skills, long-term planning strategies, and cost savings that they can take advantage of to roll out projects faster and more reliably without overburdening their current IT staff with more work than they have the time to handle.

Skills and Experience

While most IT teams consist of experts that do their job well, sometimes small and medium businesses cannot afford to have their best IT professionals completely dedicated to a single, large project. In this case, an IT consultant can help get a lot of valuable project work done while your IT staff focus on the important work they must do to keep the business secure and operating. Additionally, if your staff require skill augmentation or need more project team members with specialized skills, an IT consultant can provide the support the project needs to stay on schedule and within budget.

Planning and Execution

By partnering with an IT consultant for a large IT project, your business can receive valuable advice and guidance on the best practices needed to complete the project efficiently while helping to ensure the work is high quality. Small business IT consultants can help with hardware procurement, installation, and maintenance plans that are required to ensure the new infrastructure stays secure and reliable well into the future. Regular threat assessments, firewall assessments, or checks for compliances can also be planned with your consultant so that you always know how healthy the new infrastructure is and can get the most longevity and value out of the project.

Better Cost Control

Cost Savings

When hiring a consultant, your business has access to an IT professional that is fully dedicated to your project while providing flexible costs that help you stay on budget. Small business IT consultants can often access discounts in technology procurement, provide flexible pricing for the work they do, and generally find ways to help your costs make sense for the size of your business. An IT consultant can also make maintenance costs lower in the future because they know your project and environment well, so they can make informed recommendations for maintenance and streamline needed assessments.


Small business IT consultants can be a valuable resource when planning, executing, and maintaining small or large IT related projects. SMBs must consider the expertise, reliability, and cost savings that a consultant can bring to a project when planning the best team possible to ensure success. The best part is that you can take advantage of a complimentary consultation from a local IT consultant like Robinett Consulting to see if we can be the partner you need for your project!

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