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A small business having an IT consultation.

Knowing what to expect from a high-quality IT consultation can help your small business choose the right IT partner to plan security solutions and growth with. Many small businesses can benefit greatly from a relationship with an IT consultant, but it may not always be clear what you should expect from your IT consultant, especially for small businesses without a dedicated IT department. Whether you’re looking for your first IT consultation or thinking about switching to a new consultation service, here are a few key expectations you should have for your IT consultant.

Quick Fixes

For small businesses, unexpected IT problems can cause significant disruptions that have enormous consequences for the business. Even a short amount of network downtime can lead to unforeseen costs and lost productivity. When these unexpected problems occur, having a strong partnership with a reliable IT consultant can ensure your network and other services get back up and running as soon as possible. This is because insightful IT consultations should be expedient and happen when you need them. If your small business relies on outsourced IT services for troubleshooting, you should expect fast response times that provide targeted and effective solutions for any problem you face.

On-Call IT Consultation

Your IT services should never be the bottleneck slowing down your business’ planning and execution for IT growth. When you need advice, an IT consultation should be easy to plan, and your IT consultant should prioritize getting your small business the information and resources it needs. Your IT consultant should set the right expectations going into a consultation, so you know the information your business needs to bring to make every meeting productive and solutions focused.

Employee IT Training

A great IT consultation does not focus solely on security tools and network technology because lasting solutions must couple strong security services with effective IT training. All the best cybersecurity tools cannot help a business stay secure if its employees are not trained on how to play their part in cybersecurity defense. Your partner in IT should offer security solutions that make sense for your business’ unique situation coupled with the training necessary to capitalize on those solutions. In short, a meaningful IT consultation will determine the right solutions, plan their implementation, and account for the training necessary for your employees to effectively interact with and use those solutions.


Here at Robinett Consulting, we feel that small businesses should expect a lot from their IT consultants because a high quality of service can help prevent cyberattacks and make your business run more efficiently. When working with an IT consultant, your business should expect expedient solutions, strong advice when you need it, and the training necessary to allow your employees to take the best advantage of new tools and services. With these expectations in mind, you can find the right IT partner for you because no business should settle for less than IT as it should be!

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