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Small business owners sometimes believe that IT consulting is a service meant for large, enterprise level companies with dozens of employees and hundreds of machines, but this could not be further from the truth. Even if you are the only person in your company or work with a small team, finding a partner in IT can have huge benefits for your daily operations. From improving your security posture to preparing you for future growth, IT consulting can bring many advantages to your small business that keep you operating with security and peace of mind.

Ensuring Cybersecurity

A challenge small businesses face is getting the right tools and information needed to secure their personal and business data from malicious actors. The team that comprises a small business does not always include an IT specialist, and the costs of having a dedicated IT person will sometimes make this not possible, but this does not mean you have to go it alone. IT consulting can help fill that gap, and your business will have a trained specialist recommending the best security tools and services to make sure you’re not a low hanging fruit for hackers to pick. The best part is that hiring a consultant can be a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time IT specialist.   

IT Consulting for Efficiency Improvements

In the case that your small business already has a strong cybersecurity infrastructure, IT consulting can provide improvements and efficiency increases to help you further capitalize on the tools you have in place. If you consistently run into problems such as Wi-Fi connectivity issues or slowdowns in work because devices on your network can’t talk to each other, then an IT consultant could help remove these roadblocks for your business. Also, as your IT environment ages, it is a good idea to have a security specialist recommend replacements for devices that no longer receive security updates so that you don’t open your business up for attack without realizing it.

Future Proof Scalability

If your small business does not plan to stay small, then hiring a cybersecurity IT consultant may be an essential step in your growth plan. The security tools you choose to implement as a small business can have huge impacts on productivity efficiencies when you gain more employees. For example, having an MFA that does not easily enroll and manage dozens of new users could slow down the onboarding process for new employees in the future. A small investment in IT consulting today could save you hundreds of business hours in the future.


A hardworking small business deserves IT consulting that ensures their security for day-to-day work, makes their environment work better for them, and an easy transition into any planned growth. As a business with a small team, we here at Robinett Consulting understand the fast-paced challenges that small businesses face, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing high quality service to our partners in IT. If you are considering hiring an IT consultant or want to know more about how IT consulting can help you, then book an appointment with one of our specialists, so we can talk!

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