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Upskilling your IT staff is extremely important because malicious actors are always looking for more complex and convincing attacks to throw at small businesses. While many small businesses only support a small team of cybersecurity staff, upskilling is not out of reach if you work with a trusted IT consultant. This is because many consultants will offer cybersecurity training, reliable resources to learn from, and valuable experience that your staff can learn from over time while working with your partner in IT.

IT Consulting Experience and Advice

IT consultants rely heavily on their experience to solve problems and offer the best solutions to small businesses. This means that when a consultant comes into your business, your IT staff have a team to work with who can provide a wealth of knowledge on a variety of cybersecurity topics. A reliable IT consultant won’t just solve a business’ problems in a vacuum; rather, they will provide your IT team with a solid understanding of what has gone wrong and how they can best prevent similar events in the future. Good consulting won’t stop with problem solving, though. Your IT consultant can offer training on problems your business faces, so your IT staff are equipped for future events!

Resources and Services

With a constantly evolving threat landscape, a small business’ IT staff may not always be able to keep up with the latest threats that could be targeting your business. Your partner in IT, however, makes it their priority to know the developing threats as soon as possible, and they can provide learning material targeted specifically for your industry. This way, your IT staff can have custom made information that has been handpicked by security experts in the IT field just for your business. When working with any IT consultant, a business should see what resources and services their consultant will have to share with their IT staff regularly.

Relationship Building and Networking

Upskilling in IT requires a constant search for new learning opportunities, and many small businesses miss out on the benefits of having a long-term relationship with an IT consultant. Your IT consultant will not only provide assistance with challenges as they arise for your business, but they can also be a partner in planning your future training initiatives and onboarding for new IT staff. As your business grows, you want an IT consultant that’s been with you from the beginning, so they will know the unique challenges and situations your small business finds itself in!


Here at Robinett Consulting, we believe that small business IT staff should always look for upskilling opportunities because a more informed IT staff will best protect a small business. As the need for highly trained, well informed cybersecurity staff increases, small businesses should see IT consulting as a valuable resource that can solve problems, support business growth, and even help upskill IT workers over time!

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