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IT consultant helping the team at IT companies

For medium and enterprise level IT companies, an IT consultant can provide valuable resources and services that help work through an overloaded schedule, fill gaps in expertise needed to complete projects, and offer valuable data on client sites and systems. Rather than simply outsourcing IT services to another company, larger businesses can partner with a consultant to strategize how to best support their projects and prioritize maintaining an excellent level of service to clients. From taking on entire projects, to supporting specialized areas of expertise, IT consultants can provide the knowledge and capabilities of full-time staff at a fraction of the cost, and we want to talk about some of the capabilities a consultant can provide medium and large businesses!

Aiding Backlogged Work

With the complexity that comes with running a medium or enterprise business, client demands can sometimes overwhelm a technology company’s staff. While this is a good problem to have, it is critical to meet deadlines and maintain a high quality of service, and an IT consultant can help. Because a consultant is an expert in the IT field as well, they can take on scoping responsibilities, project maintenance, infrastructure migrations, or specialized IT-related tasks. Finding the right partner in IT means you can have just-in-time assistance with demanding projects or unexpected workloads.

Filling Skill Gaps

From time to time, medium and large IT companies can run into projects that require specialized knowledge that not enough of their staff have. Database management, software deployment, hardware configuration, and other factors can make it difficult for a single team to have all the skills they need for every project. Rather than stretching team members too thin, an IT company can work with an IT consultant to fill those gaps and help ease the burden of your most knowledgeable people. While working with your team, an expert IT consultant can even help train staff members in specialized areas of knowledge, so they can be better equipped for the next time similar work needs to be done.

Reports and Analytics

The IT infrastructure of medium or enterprise sized IT companies can be complex and difficult to monitor at all times. If an IT company does not have a dedicated staff member to keep track of software versions, potential security gaps, and hardware/software end of life dates, then your IT environment can be at risk. An IT consultant can provide insightful threat assessments for medium and large businesses and keep track of the latest patches and security developments for the technology in the business’ environment. Having a dedicated IT specialist monitoring your client’s or company’s cybersecurity means you can have customized reports and analytics to better inform cybersecurity infrastructure and project decisions.


IT companies providing technology services to clients can take advantage of an IT consultant’s services to help stay on top of their workload, bring on team members with specialized skills for unique projects, and gain valuable insight into their own IT infrastructure. Rather than just outsourcing services, IT companies can develop a long-standing relationship with their IT consultant, so they can have just-in-time assistance and valuable insight into high-skill projects. Our team here at Robinett Consulting know how challenging providing the best IT service to clients can be, so we are ready to help other IT companies meet project goals and provide excellent service!

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