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Robinett Consulting Layered Protection

Our team here at Robinett Consulting takes securing a business’ network seriously, and we believe that the solutions a business needs will depend on their unique IT environment and future growth. When deciding how to best keep our partners protected, Robinett Consulting takes a layered approach that puts security tools where they can be the most effective while keeping costs in a range affordable for even small and medium businesses. The three areas we focus on include:

  • The network edge
  • Endpoints inside the network
  • Individual accounts and their credentials

Robinett Consulting Protects Networks

Businesses today rely heavily on the internet almost every single day of operation, so it is paramount that potential security risks get caught at the edge of your network before they can get in to do damage. Malicious actors are always on the lookout for weak points in your network, so they can gain access to sensitive information to steal or use in a future attack. We ensure our partners have the next generation firewall needed to keep the edge of their network monitored and protected around the clock, so you’re aware of any suspicious activity coming in from the web.

Securing Your Endpoints

The next layer we focus on consists of all the endpoints inside of a network because not all threats come in directly from the web. For malware that sneaks by on an email or malicious code put on a device from a USB, endpoint protection is needed. Our partners will often have an antivirus software in use, which is good, but we believe your endpoint protection should do more for you. Robinett Consulting makes sure our partners have an endpoint protection service that not only monitors for threats but also makes it easier and faster to respond to and resolve those threats.

Keeping an Eye on Your Accounts

In the worst-case scenario, a successful attack on your business can happen, but this does not mean nothing can be done. The third layer of security for our approach involves adding multifactor authentication to your user accounts. This way, if a malicious actor does get their hands on your credentials, it will be much more difficult for them to make it past the authentication process as well. On top of this, a good multifactor authenticator will allow you more insight into the devices accessing your network and help prevent gaps in your security from opening.


The layered approach the Robinett Consulting team takes means that if an attack slips past one security tool, then it is likely another will identify the threat and allow for remediation. This can be achieved because each security service implemented is deliberate and intended to provide your business with security while saving your IT team time and therefore cutting costs. Here at Robinett Consulting, we believe you should expect more from your IT tools, and we want to partner with you to build your IT environment with the right layers of security that will better protect your business and allow you to operate with peace of mind.

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