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Company employees looking into how to resecure stolen credentials. Malware filtering

Malware poses an enormous threat for SMBs because of its ubiquity and how easy it can be to accidentally fall for a phishing attack or download a malicious program. Malware filtering helps protect employees as they get their work done, whether they are parsing through a large number of emails with new contacts or conducting research that would have them browsing the internet where they can become the victim of a malware attack. Because malware filtering can be such a valuable asset to an SMB’s cybersecurity defense, we want to highlight this security solution, so you can get to know a potential tool for protecting your business!

Malware Filtering Protections

Malware filtering helps protect a business with a few key strategies. Malware definitions can be used to identify known malicious code and immediately block them from affecting a device. If malicious code cannot be identified with a definition, then filtering services can also identify malicious behavior being performed by code that would otherwise appear benign. Once a piece of content has been identified as malware, it can be automatically removed by the malware filtering service. The code may also be sandboxed, meaning it gets tested for security in a way that won’t affect your device, before being removed or flagged for review.

Security Benefits for SMBs

SMBs that implement malware filtering improve their IT security posture because they have a relatively passive form of protection that can identify threats and remove them in real time. Malware definitions and suspicious behavior detection are updated regularly and can be informed by leading research in cybersecurity, and this makes it more likely that your business can fend off a new form of malware before it becomes widely known. Additionally, with the help of an experienced managed service provider, SMBs can have their malware filtering tailored to best support their business’ unique IT environment so every device that has access to your network can be better protected from malware!

Multi-Layer Approaches

Malware filtering services attempt to identify malware before it has a chance to affect a device, and this makes it a great solution for fending off potential attacks. It can be paired with other services, such as endpoint protection or network detection and response tools to provide better security coverage for your network. With this combined approach, an SMB’s network can be better protected against novel attack strategies or threats that already exist on the network. A managed service provider like Robinett Consulting can help your business find the right cybersecurity layers to keep your employees working safely!


SMBs have a large number of attack vectors they need to account for when protecting the company network, and malware filtering helps prevent malicious code from taking root. By using malware definitions and behavioral analysis, malware filtering can immediately deny access to malware or run it in a sandbox that lets the security service safely determine if a suspicious application is malicious or not. By combining malware filtering with other services, an SMB can greatly improve its cybersecurity posture, and our team is ready to help. If you want to explore malware filtering and other security services, our IT specialists want to set up a complimentary consultation for your business today!

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