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Small and medium businesses have a lot to lose if a malicious actor is able to successfully access their network or launch an attack against their business. Despite this, many small businesses do not reach out to an IT consultant or managed service provider (MSP) for help strengthening their network and better securing their data against potential attacks. This can lead to a small business leaving itself vulnerable to attacks that are easily preventable when working with a managed service provider, and that’s why we want to talk about some of the reasons your small business needs to work with an MSP to better secure its network!

Specialized Cybersecurity Knowledge

A small business is an expert in its own field, but this doesn’t always mean that small business owners are aware of the cybersecurity threats facing their industry. Managed service providers specialize in knowing how hackers are targeting small businesses in certain industries and the leading security solutions to help prevent those attacks from happening. The right MSP for your business will have a strong understanding of how malicious actors are trying to take advantage of exploitations in specialized industry software, vulnerable supply chains, phishing campaigns tailored to your field, and much more. The essential threat knowledge that an MSP can provide allows small businesses to make better purchasing and training decisions that bolster their cybersecurity.

Threat Monitoring and Mitigation

Once your small or medium business is aware of the dangers on the threat horizon, a great managed service provider will help you acquire the tools you need to defend against those threats. Rather than a one size fits all approach, the best MSPs will tailor cybersecurity solutions to your unique IT environment and walk you through why their recommendations are the best options for your business. An MSP can then help monitor your business over time and provide ongoing support in case malicious actors target your network or employees accidentally invite an attack into your network. With the right MSP, small businesses can have an ongoing partner that monitors their network’s health and quickly supplies needed IT solutions.

Cost Reduction

Cost Savings

Working with a managed service provider does not mean that cybersecurity must come with a high budget. The best MSPs will help get small businesses the security solutions and resources they need while working within their budget. Depending on your business’ situation, a knowledgeable MSP may even be able to reduce cybersecurity costs for your company while providing better security coverage. MSPs often have discounts on services and equipment because of their relationship with vendors or special circumstances like bulk ordering, and they can pass these savings onto your small business. Cybersecurity is a worthwhile investment for every business, but SMBs can help reduce their IT costs by establishing a strong relationship with an MSP they can rely on.


Not having the right cybersecurity tools in place can make your small business a quick and easy target for malicious actors that cast a wide net with low-effort attacks, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By working with an MSP, an SMB can access specialized threat knowledge in their industry, acquire cybersecurity solutions unique to their IT environment, and sometimes reduce the cost associated with their protection. Our security experts here at Robinett Consulting believe SMBs deserve the same quality service provided to enterprise-level companies by MSPs, and that’s why we want to provide a complimentary consultation to any SMB that needs an MSP with their best interests in mind!

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