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Network consulting is a specialized consultation you can have with your trusted IT consultant to uncover security gaps, slowdowns, and other problems that arise from the physical connections across the devices on your network. Often, small businesses will add new layers of technology to their business to meet challenges but only worry about how well their new devices or security tools integrate with their network when something goes wrong. Getting a network consultation can solve many problems for a business, and a strong IT consultant can even help you plan the growth of your network well into the future!

Optimizing for Speed and Reliability

One clear sign that you need network consulting is if your internet speeds and Wi-Fi connectivity do not meet your needs. While your internet service provider can boost your upload and download speeds for increased costs, you may simply need to upgrade your Wi-Fi technology in order to provide better coverage and access to your network. In addition to this, a good network consultation will let you know if your network suffers packet loss, you lack the needed bandwidth to support your users, or if other factors are contributing to network congestion. With this information, you can craft targeted solutions that fix problems and improve user experience.

Network Consulting for Data Organization and Backups

IT Environment

Network consulting can also help better organize your data and optimize your data backup process. As a small business scales its operations, data organization becomes an increasing priority. Otherwise, your business becomes harder to defend against hackers because messy data can provide access points for attacks and obfuscate when something has gone wrong. In the event of an attack like ransomware, a business will also want the most up-to-date data backup, and slow or incomplete backups can make this security tool useless. Working with your IT consultant to optimize your network data can make your network easier to manage because of better organization and easier to defend as your security tools function optimally.  

Setup for Expansion

Small business expansion is a time for celebration, but it also comes with hidden hurdles that many don’t think about until they are face to face with a problem. For example, if a small business expands and acquires more office space in their building, they will need to extend their network to this new space. This process requires a lot of planning and can be challenging to ensure both connectivity and speed for the employees relying on this network to come up quickly. Network consulting can be an indispensable service in this situation because a network specialist can evaluate and plan the best setup for your new workspace before you begin the big move.


Whether your business expands to new buildings or relies on remote workers across the country, network consulting can provide insights into the security and connectivity you need that will keep your business running smoothly and securely. A strong partner in IT can provide you with a network assessment and targeted solutions that make sense for your IT environment and the plans you have for the future. If you feel your network needs optimization or if you have a persistent network problem, you should reach out to a network consultant so you get customized solutions as soon as today!

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