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Healthcare professional working with technology and getting aid from a local IT consultant.

Network maintenance care in a healthcare office requires keeping the technology in the office secure and compliant while also attending to the software or hardware problems that require immediate attention to fix. Offices can benefit greatly from developing a longstanding partnership with an IT consultant because a team of security experts that know your IT environment well can act quickly and provide informed opinions on how to best maintain your technology. In this article, we want to outline three of the best services an IT consultant can provide to a healthcare provider to maintain their network help ensure it runs as securely and reliably as possible.

Regular Maintenance

When working with an IT consultant, healthcare professionals can receive help automatically updating devices required for office work, updating ancillary software needed by practice-specific applications, maintaining servers or other IT infrastructure, and more. A small business IT consultant that specializes in healthcare will know exactly what your network needs to maintain important compliances, such as HIPPA and NIST, and they can ensure you receive the network updates and consulting advice you need before foreseeable problems arrive. By focusing on your network’s long-term health, you can better ensure that your data remains safe and that you maintain the efficiency you need to provide high-quality care to patients.

Software Troubleshooting

An IT consultant can act as a reliable line of support when important software has trouble integrating with the network, reoccurring errors or access errors. As your outsourced IT help desk, a consultant can respond quickly to tickets you send in and troubleshoot problems that could slow down your business. By working with a local IT consultant, you can have a dedicated helpdesk that knows the fine details of your network setup and the practice-specific applications you use, so your consultant can provide informed solutions that get your business back up and running quickly. Additionally, you will also have a security expert on call that can help you choose new software and apps that won’t negatively impact your security!

Hardware Insights

Healthcare offices must take great care when maintaining the hardware on their office network. One misconfiguration or unsecured endpoint could mean opening a viable attack vector for hackers or compromising the network’s compliances. This is why healthcare practitioners want to have an IT consultant available to inform hardware decisions and even provide procurement services for network associated hardware. Once expert-approved devices are installed on the network, a consultant can also provide regular firmware updates, software patches, and assessments to monitor your network’s health and verify that your data is as secure as possible.


Whether your office is in the process of digitizing or just monitoring its network’s health to ensure cybersecurity standards stay high, outsourcing maintenance work to an IT consultant can free up valuable time and resources. Our team here at Robinett Consulting know that healthcare offices need to ensure they are patching software, monitoring hardware, and fixing problems that get in the way of patient care, and we want to help. We understand that healthcare professionals have spent years specializing in their field, so we want to make sure you trust your network maintenance to professionals that have also dedicated years to specializing in their work!  

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