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Any device can be the entry point for a spear phishing attack. SMB owner working with a small business IT consultant to analyze data from their network monitoring solution.

Network monitoring allows businesses to gather real-time data about the stability and security of their network. Specialized software solutions for network monitoring gather information on the status of routers, switches, firewalls, and endpoints on the network. When a device does not function optimally or suspicious behavior is detected, alerts are sent to the business owner or their dedicated IT specialist. These reports allow an IT specialist to make informed cybersecurity decisions, troubleshoot network problems, and plan for future network growth. SMBs want the right network monitoring solution for their unique situation, and we want to talk about how an IT consultant can help an SMB get the most out of their services!  

Network Monitoring & Cybersecurity

Network monitoring can help improve a small business’ cybersecurity because it provides information about all the traffic moving through the business’ network. With this information, a small business IT consultant can analyze the traffic moving to and from important parts of the network and potentially identify suspicious activity that negatively impacts the business’ security posture. Additionally, an IT specialist can use the data provided by network monitoring software to identify unnecessary or unauthorized endpoints that may leave the network vulnerable to attack. Many software solutions provide alerts when malicious activity occurs, and a quick response can improve the odds of mitigating the damage done by an attack.

Improved Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a slow network connection or specific problems with individual devices can be extremely difficult without the right data. Network monitoring solutions can help identify why certain parts of the network are running inefficiently and help remediate issues quickly. Your monitoring software will provide insight into where problems are occurring on the network and even allow a user to access device-specific information. This means your IT specialist can easily see if a specific router, switch, or other device is failing, having packet loss issues, or experiencing errors. With this information, an IT specialist can offer solutions and get the business’ network running efficiently and safely.

Planning for the Future

Along with security features and troubleshooting abilities, network monitoring software also makes planning for future network growth easier for small businesses. Without an inventory of the devices that make up your network and their associated endpoints, it can be easy to miss a security gap that can be exploited by attackers or a device that cannot handle additional network traffic. By using network monitoring software, a business can always have an accurate list of their devices on hand to help inform their plans for growth. With this list, a small business IT consultant can also help strategize the most efficient way to improve your network while helping you procure only the technology you need to achieve your planned growth.


When an SMB uses network monitoring software to collect data on their network, they are provided the detailed information needed to improve their cybersecurity posture, troubleshoot problems quickly, and plan for network growth. This data can also be used by a small business IT consultant to help inform the guidance they give to the business to improve network stability and keep the business running smoothly. The Robinett Consulting team knows that accurate data means better results, and we want to help Henry County small businesses have network monitoring solutions that help them solve problems and operate securely!

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