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Every school and university has an IT department to handle cybersecurity training, network monitoring, and other IT related work, but this does not mean that an outsourced IT consultant can’t have enormous impacts on a school’s security posture. While a dedicated IT team can handle the day-to-day tasks a school or university will need, a reliable IT consultant can bring a lot of value to a school’s cybersecurity through specialized knowledge, offloading work, and flexible costs that can help the school fill gaps in IT needs. Whether a school needs to free up their IT staff by offloading work or have risk assessments performed, here are a few ways outsourced IT can help institutions in the education sector!

Industry Leading Expertise

An outsourced IT team brings with it industry-leading expertise on the current threat landscape for the education sector. A knowledgeable IT consultant will be aware of emerging threats and how they plan to specifically target schools and universities. Along with this, they will know the vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to avoid exploitation and the best cybersecurity solutions to mitigate potential threats facing education. By bringing in an outsourced IT team, a school can improve its cybersecurity posture and training by considering the most recent movements on the threat horizon and the newest tactics used by hackers to improve their attacks.

Efficient IT Scaling and Turnover

With large numbers of students enrolling and graduating each year, schools and universities must have cybersecurity tools that can quickly scale as needed. Finding the right tools to meet this need can be challenging, but an outsourced IT team can learn a school’s IT infrastructure and help make informed decisions on the best cybersecurity solutions for each individual school. Additionally, an outsourced IT team can takeover tasks such as deploying multifactor authentication (MFA) protection, implementing next-generation firewalls, or other cybersecurity-oriented tasks so that a university’s IT team can stay focused on the projects that matter most to the school!

Flexible Costs

Cost Savings

Schools and universities can access a wide variety of services and products by working with an outsourced IT team. IT consultants can often procure technology and IT-related items for competitive prices when a school needs them, or they can suggest equivalent technology to what a school currently uses that could come at a better price point. IT consultants can also provide upskilling, network assessments, and a host of other useful services for flexible prices that work with a school’s budget. When considering how to complete projects cost effectively, schools and universities can look to local IT consultants as a flexible solution for consistent work or unique projects that would often require hiring specialized staff.


Here at Robinett Consulting, we understand that schools and universities require consistent yet agile IT support to ensure their students, teachers, and network are safe from malicious actors. This is why we believe outsourced IT can be an effective solution to meeting sudden needs or projects that require specialized solutions. By building a partnership with a dedicated IT consultant, anyone in the education sector can improve their cybersecurity posture, draw on specialized knowledge, and access products and services for flexible pricing that meets their budget!

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