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Small business team discussing outsourced IT

As a small or medium business, it may be tempting to think you don’t need outsourced IT because hackers would not bother targeting you for an attack because there are larger, more appealing targets everywhere you look. However, the size of a business matters little to malicious actors, and they will generally perform a wide range of cyberattacks on any business with a vulnerable enough IT environment. Often, these attacks are used on small and enterprise businesses alike, meaning a lot of small businesses are extremely vulnerable to attack because they cannot afford the same IT staff as big businesses. One possible solution to this dilemma for a small business is outsourced IT, and here are three reasons why.

Specialized IT Knowledge

An outsourced IT team brings with them highly specialized knowledge of the current security horizon. As a small or medium business, you have enough on your plate to learn to keep your business running and growing, so having security specialists that can take proactive steps to protecting your business can possibly save you from surprise exploits you couldn’t have known about. The right IT team for you will know what malicious actors in your industry are looking for in vulnerable targets and immediately begin equipping you with the tools and security measures needed to operate safely.

Efficient IT Scaling and Growth

To keep your company operating securely, a specialized, outsourced IT team will also know the security tools your business needs. A strong IT partner will take the time to understand your business and how you’ve structured your IT environment so far, so they can suggest tools and services that bridge security gaps or save you time and money responding to possible threats. As your business grows, your IT team will ensure your security measures grow with you, so you’re never worrying if old employee accounts have been shutdown or if new business optimization tools are leaving you exposed.

Overall Reduced IT Cost

The most important reason for outsourcing your IT is the cost savings. Often, hiring an IT specialist can quickly become extremely expensive, and hiring an entire IT team can be an impossible goal for new businesses trying to grow. An outsourced IT department can provide your business with the same quality of protection afforded by enterprise level businesses for just a fraction of the cost. You will have access to the tools and security knowledge afforded by larger businesses, but those solutions will be tailored to your size and needs, allowing your IT department to grow as you do.


At the end of the day, small and medium businesses have to be agile and resourceful to stay ahead of their competition, but we at Robinett Consulting do not believe a business has to sacrifice security to get ahead. An outsourced IT team can be a valuable tool for your business because you will draw on decades of experience for specialized solutions while only paying for the exact tools and services your unique IT environment needs. Our team of security specialists want to partner with your business to provide the knowledge and expertise you need to thrive and stay secure.

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