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Outsourcing IT services with an IT consultant represented by networking equipment.

Outsourcing IT as a small or medium business can greatly improve the company’s cybersecurity posture while also freeing up employee time to focus on projects and business operations. However, it can be a challenge to decide which cybersecurity services an IT consultant would best handle for your business, so we want to explain three key areas where a consultant can provide high-value services for SMBs. By outsourcing IT services related to security, network health, and patching, your business can greatly improve its cybersecurity posture while developing a relationship with a local IT consultant that can help with current and future technology pain points.

Cybersecurity Services

Every business has a high number of complex network interactions occurring every day, and even small businesses want to make sure their network and endpoints are safe. From remote employees working in public places to securing employee inboxes from phishing attacks, outsourcing IT to a consultant means your business is better secured from threats. A consultant can act as your managed service provider (MSP) to recommend the security services that make sense for your business’ IT infrastructure and help configure and maintain those services. With a reliable MSP, you can know the latest threats in your industry and have the security solutions to help prevent malware attacks, phishing campaigns, and data breaches.

Network Health Assessments

Overtime every business will develop vulnerabilities because of aging hardware and hackers’ ability to find new ways to attack businesses. By outsourcing IT services like network assessments, a business can get a detailed report on the hardware, software, and configurations that leave them vulnerable to attacks. An IT consultant can help identify security gaps in a business’ IT infrastructure and provide solutions tailored to your environment. They can also provide regular reports and analytics on your environment and security solutions, so you always know the cybersecurity risks facing the business’ operations.


Small and medium businesses often leave themselves vulnerable to attacks by not properly patching their hardware and software. While patching may sometimes interrupt workflows, malicious actors will often look for businesses that are vulnerable to old exploits that have recently been patched. By outsourcing IT services to a local IT consultant, they can patch critical devices for you. Your consultant can regularly schedule patching to occur when it won’t interrupt employee workflows and leave plenty of time to troubleshoot errors that arise. A consultant can also keep device versions consistent to make patching simple and reduce the risk of breaking device or application functions because of patching.


Outsourcing IT isn’t a service only enterprise-level companies can access. Small and medium businesses can take advantage of outsourcing IT to better improve their security posture while keeping costs low. A relationship-focused IT consultant like Robinett Consulting prioritizes getting SMBs the services they need and providing regular assessments to help business owners make informed decisions about their cybersecurity. If you think your business could benefit from outsourcing IT services, then our IT specialists are ready to provide you with a complimentary consultation, so you can have IT as it should be!

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