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Small business employees getting IT help desk support from a trusted IT consultant.

While IT help desks are a common part of the IT infrastructure of larger companies, small businesses have more access to them now because of IT consultants outsourcing their help desk services. An outsourced IT help desk will function just like those of large companies, but they often come with more advantages for small businesses that have fewer employees but just as urgent IT needs. Even if your business already has a small IT team, outsourcing this service can help your employees regain productive time and open the door for more resources for the business.  


A strong IT help desk system has multiple employees helping vet and resolve tickets based on the experience level needed to assist and availability. This means an in-house team can lose a lot of productivity helping employees resolve simple issues rather than attending to high-priority network needs for the company. With an outsourced team, your current IT staff get their time back and can focus on cybersecurity and other projects that keep the company secure and running smoothly. If your small business has no IT staff at all, then you can gain access to a team of experts at a fraction of the cost required to hire a full in-house support team.


An outsourced IT help desk also offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to meeting your support needs. For example, a company dedicated to supporting your employees can offer more hours of availability for help in case employees are working at unexpected times. Additionally, the best help desks will have dedicated software that helps them delegate and respond to tickets quickly, meaning wait times can be reduced and the person providing assistance will be qualified and able to help right away. Lastly, as your business grows, an outsourced team will be able to easily scale with your business right away, saving the company the time and costs associated with hiring new IT staff just for IT help desk support.  

Additional Support

When outsourcing IT help desk needs, small businesses gain access to a wide range of other benefits that the IT consultant offers. Your help desk provider can recommend technology that remediates frequent problems your business faces or even offer IT consultations for improving the network and streamlining processes that slow down employees during the workday. This means you can have a managed service provider (MSP), IT consultant, and IT help desk that have gotten to know your network and employees by helping resolve issues and keep your company running smoothly day to day!


Troubleshooting technology problems can slow down a small business dramatically, so having a dedicated team of specialists at the ready to help your employees can go a long way in improving productivity and making technology use easier. Our technology experts here at Robinett Consulting have years of experience keeping networks secure, and we believe that small businesses should have access to the same high-quality IT support that big businesses get. We know that fast response times, helpful answers, and a great user experience are the qualities every business should expect in their help desk support!

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